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Nursery Inspiration Board

Many of you have asked about the nursery plans for the lil’ guy due to arrive in December.  So this is where I confess that I’m a bit behind in my planning.  While we did buy the crib and dresser, the room still needs to be cleared out and painted and the furniture is sitting on a large pallet in the garage.  True story.  However, after taking some time to mull it over I’ve come up with the initial concept.  Here goes, drum roll please.

“Lime green and citrus hues, elephant accents, with an overall bohemian feel”

Try googling that 5 times.  Sadly, you won’t come up with much.  I’m afraid I’m attracted to the most random of nursery themes!  Luckily, I’ve created a Pinterest board to help me solidify my ideas and bring the look together.  Thank you Pinterest gods!  Here’s where it’s at (note: if you click on the image it will open large enough to see detail). I love the idea of having a mix of patterned fabrics and a light breezy bohemian feel to the room and the bright green and yellow hues should give off a playful vibe.  Also, knowing elephants with their trunks raised is a symbol of good luck in several cultures, I thought that touch couldn’t be more appropriate.  I mean what mama doesn’t wish and dream the best for their little ones!?

So, what do you think?  Any ideas on how you would bring this look together or am I in way over my head?


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