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Project Runway Recap

Welcome to week two of our Project Runway and Lifetime Moms collaboration series! Please stop reading now if you haven’t yet watched the most recent episode…


project runway

Last week’s challenge was definitely one of the stranger challenges to come out of the last nine seasons. The remaining designers were instructed to create looks for models who would be teetering on top of stilts. Yep…that’s right…I said stilts. I’m sure it’s probably difficult to come up with interesting and unique challenge ideas week after week, but this one missed the mark in my opinion. Did anyone else find the stilts to be way too distracting?

project runway

As if the stilts weren’t challenge enough, the designers were put in pairs, which you know is always good for drama. The losing team, which was comprised of Bryce and Fallene, seemed doomed from the start. After construction pitfalls and morale issues, Fallene was ultimately sent home. Although, I have to say that my senses were a bit more offended by Bert and Viktor’s deplorable choice of fabrics. They were outdated to say the least.

We were scheduled to speak with the eliminated designer, Fallene, on Friday, but she proved to be unavailable. Hopefully, we will be able to catch up with her some time this week!

At this point, I would typically wax poetic about my favorite look, but unfortunately, I just can’t get behind one this week. Fingers crossed that Thursday’s episode will knock our socks off!

project runway

So, what did y’all think of this challenge?


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