Online Shopping Horror Stories & American Express Giveaway Winner Announcement

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A week ago, Meg gave you some savvy online shopping tips and many of you shared your online shopping mistakes in order to enter our $250 American Express giveaway. Before we get to the winner announcement, we wanted to share some of your stories and tips on how to avoid making the same kinds of mistakes!

“I bought something on ebay once and it was a total scam. I got my money back but it look some haggling and was a real lesson learned.” ~ Courtney

It’s always a good idea to research a vendor and see what kind of feedback they have!

“My biggest and latest online shopping blunder – not doing my due diligence to shop around and double check prices and shipping policies from different retailers. I was trying something new for me, shopping and purchasing from a boutique hosted on Facebook and ended up getting the same product for $25 more than another retailer was offering, and worse – having to pay $9 for shipping. Who doesn’t have free shipping these days, especially over certain amount spends? Then the product, boots, were too small. Of course, I had to pay shipping to return and then found out I couldn’t get my money back, that it was exchange or store credit only. So, had to repay shipping AGAIN to get a new size. After paying a small fortune in shipping and already more for the product than found elsewhere, I have learned to shop around and do a better job of research store policies before ordering.” ~ Meggy

Knowing the policies of the store you’re buying from will definitely help you avoid online shopping blunders!

“My bad online shopping experience is ordering a Christmas present early in October, and it still not arriving until January 16. So much for planning ahead.” ~ slamdunk

Make sure you confirm shipping dates if you need an item to arrive by a certain date!

“The dreaded final sale on something I didn’t try on but didn’t want to pass up. Still hanging in my closet with the tags on.” ~ duchessbelle

If you’re purchasing something that’s final sale, make sure you know how the brand fits you!

“My biggest online shopping mistake is doing it too much! haha” ~ Megan

We can’t help you with that one. Haha!

“I think my biggest mistake was not returning an item in the allowed time so I was stuck with something that did not fit! Ugh!” ~ Sally

Don’t procrastinate when it comes to returns!

My biggest mistake is probably using my debit card. I’ve had my account compromised in the past and I’m pretty certain it was due to me using my debit card for online shopping. ~ Rocio

Always use a credit card for online purchases if you can!

“My biggest online mistake was not shopping through Ebates and getting cash back on Sephora order. Also I didn’t use an offer code.” ~ Oanh

Having cash back sites like Ebates and discount codes ready is a great way to save money when shopping online!

“My biggest blunder has been shipping to the wrong address. I’ve had multiple things shipped to old apartments, those are such a beast to track down! “~ Linz

Triple check your shipping address before you hit submit!

“I buy a lot of vintage clothing thru ebay so I’ve learned alot of lessons, the hard way, when buying online. Check your measurements is the biggest one for me. Just because it says Medium that doesn’t mean anything, especially on vintage. Check the clothes measurements against your own!!!” ~ Lucky Dame

If you aren’t familiar with the brand, checking your measurements is a way to save you from having to return clothing purchases!

Thanks so much to all of you lovely readers who shared your stories! Hopefully we’ll all be able to avoid online shopping blunders the next time we have the itch to buy something without leaving the comfort of our home!

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for…The winner is…REBrown! Shoot us an email when you have a moment lady!

A huge thank you to American Express for co-hosting this giveaway with us!

Disclosure: We were compensated for this post, but the opinions expressed are our own!


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