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Project Runway Recap and Interview with the Eliminated Designer…SPOILER Alert

Welcome to our first Project Runway dish sesh! In case you missed our big announcement on Friday, each week we will be posting a recap of the previous week’s episode and an interview with the eliminated designer for Lifetime Moms!

SPOILER ALERT…stop reading if you haven’t yet watched last week’s episode!

project runway

Ok, let’s get to it…Last week’s challenge involved a trip to Petland. The designers were asked to create runway ready looks from whatever they could find in Petland, with the warning that using materials that the judges deemed too conventional could hurt them.

Some heeded this warning and others did not. Episode one’s winner, Burt, took full advantage of his immunity and phoned in his simplistic LBD. Meanwhile, Bryce used a plethora of wee wee pads and didn’t do much to camouflage the fact that his material of choice was something for a dog to do his business on. Joshua C. created a belted halter and mini skirt from an umbrella and dog bedding among other things.

project runway

Some of the designers completely rose to the challenge and sent incredible looks down the runway. Anthony’s modern little birdseed mini dress was totally something I could see a starlet rockin’! Olivier’s ombre skirt created from hamster bedding was simply divine. And while it’s true that Joshua C. also used pet bedding and was taken to task for it, his performance in episode one seemed to seal his fate.

project runway

In the end, Olivier walked away with the prize and Joshua C. was sent home. His use of what the judges’ thought were too conventional materials in too traditional shapes was his downfall.

joshua christensen

I had a chance to chat with Joshua Christensen last week and I must say, he’s a total doll! When asked whether he felt like he was singled out regarding the use of conventional materials, he said he did indeed feel like there were other people who also used conventional materials. He interpreted the challenge as using any material that could be found in the store. He believes that his performance in the first challenge is what painted a target on him.

Now that his time on Project Runway has come to an end, I wanted to know how he felt about the remaining designers. I asked him who he thought could go all the way… “One of the strongest voices is Joshua M. He has a unique point of view and he’s such a fun, explosive character,” said Joshua.

When I questioned whether he felt like the looks he presented were an accurate reflection of his aesthetic, he responded by saying that he aims to create “innovative, but wearable pieces.” High fashion isn’t necessarily his focus, but instead his goal is to make real consumers feel comfortable in his creations. Luckily, Joshua’s fans won’t have to wait long to see more from him. He’s already hard at work on a new menswear collection!

Until next week lovelies…Be sure to leave any questions you would like answered by the next Project Runway eliminated designer in your comments. I just may ask yours!

heidi klum

Oh, and one last thing before I head out…Can we talk about how amazing Heidi looked? Violet is totally her color no?


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