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Pull-On Shorts Style

Pull-On Shorts Style
This hot weather means that I am spending a lot of time outdoors playing. Typically shorts are not my go to look, but I have been embracing them more and more. After all, they allow me to play and move outside while giving me full coverage. And while I may not be giving my full normal smile up above, it’s only because it was so BRIGHT and HOT outside. Thankfully I was smiling on the inside since I was so comfortable in my new favorite go to shorts.

So, here’s a look at my summer shorts style this year. Luckily I am loving this year’s pull-on shorts trend. With their wide elastic waist band and drawstring, they are so comfortable while still being cute! Those are words that generally don’t come out of my mouth when describing shorts.

Shorts Detail

For this look I paired my J. Crew white pom-pom pull-on shorts (40% off right now BTW!) with a J. Crew black honeycomb sleeveless top. I love the slight pom-pom detail that goes along on these shorts. I feel like they give them just a little kick to make them fun and flirty and not just ordinary. Also, for me black and white is such an effortless combination that always works. It even works with these contrasting textures.

Honeycomb Top

A pair of Coach sandals from a few years back and bangles from Loft help dress up the look. I love to use a slight wedge heel to make me feel like I’ve elevated my outfit from my usual flip flops, but still keeping it casual. See what I did there with that…wedge…elevate…ha! I crack myself up, pay no attention and pretend not to roll your eyes.  Anyway, for me this look feels cute in such a short amount of time. Now I’m ready for that picnic, woo hoo!

Coach Sandals

Are you guys loving the pull-on shorts this season too?

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