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How to create a Mimosa Bar

Hey BonBon Rose gals! Jackie Fo, event/wedding planner and blogger here! If there’s one fabulous party trick you need up your sleeve, it’s how to create a Mimosa Bar. Whether it’s a casual brunch-ish gathering or a formal baby or bridal shower, Mimosa Bars are always a winner!

Mimosa Bar

Ingredients: Part 1 – Juice and Bubbly
As most of you know, a traditional Mimosa is made with Bubbly (Champagne, Prosecco or a Sparkling Wine) and Orange Juice. Some people prefer the traditional OJ, but truly any juice and champ combo can be used. Some of my favorite juice/flavors are:

• Grapefruit Juice (this is my go-to, especially for the heat of summer!)
• Cranberry Juice (this works well around Christmas time due to the red color.)
• Blood Orange (sounds weird, but I promise it’s delish!)

For the star of the show (the Bubbly!), I tend to favor a dryer sparkling wine such as a Prosecco. Plus Prosecco doesn’t break the bank which is always a plus; it can easily be found for under $10 a bottle.

Mimosa Bar

Ingredients: Part 2 – Garnishing
I love garnishing drinks for parties, it makes for a beautiful presentation. Fruit garnishes like blueberries and strawberries are perfect for dropping into full champagne flutes.

How to create a Mimosa Bar

Accessories and Signage:
I love to serve the various juices in individual glass carafes and have the bottles of bubbly on ice waiting to be poured! It’s so colorful! Cute labels for each carafe are great for identifying each juice. A “Mimosa Bar” sign is always a fun touch as well. Serve garnishes in pretty bowls for a beautiful display.

Mimosa Bar Sign

Mimosa Math:
A typical bottle of bubbly will serve about 4-6 glasses per bottle (assuming a traditional size champagne flute and depending on the size of your pour). Since you are adding juice, I like to estimate about 6-8 Mimosas per bottle of bubbly. This will help you calculate just how much bubbly you need. Since orange juice is the most popular juice to serve in a Mimosa, buy the most OJ and purchase additional juices accordingly. You may have friends who want to try an unusual flavor (like Blood Orange) but maybe they’re sticking with the traditional Mimosa for the majority of their drinks.

Mimosa Bar Juices

A Mimosa bar is interactive, creative and makes a pretty display at any gathering. Pop some champagne and have a ball!

You can find Jackie’s wedding posts and other fun entertaining ideas on her blog at or on twitter at @jackiefo4.

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