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Big Georgia Recap

As you all have probably figured out by now (unless you’re just tuning in and if so a big hearty welcome) Kristin and I got together this weekend at her family’s vacay getaway in the mountains of north Georgia.  We had a super time and I think we may have to make getting away to the mountains, husband-free for a few days an annual tradition.  Not that we mind the fellas, but it really was great for the two of us to relax in our PJ’s sipping on a big ol’ bottle of vino each night, laughing into the wee hours.  Don’t you just love how when you get together with your girl friends who know you best, that the same stories you’ve been reliving for years are still just as hilarious?!  Recounting our dating disasters and high school shenanigans continues to be a source of never ending giggles.  Somewhere between the fall leaves, honey fried chicken, and no agenda, we both took a deep breath and forgot about our stress.  Even the Dude was taking in the scenery and loving life!

Georgia Barn

As Kristin posted about yesterday, on Saturday we visited a local winery and I fell in love with their grounds.  Acres of rolling hills, a red barn, and this classic car made the perfect backdrop.  I think I need to own an winery one day.  It’s my new day dream.  Check out the dude strolling along in his plaid shirt like he owned the place.  It cracked us both up!  Miss that little guy so much already!

The town of Clayton has a small historic downtown that’s quite charming.  This bookstore had it all including a big fat cat strolling up and down the aisles.

Clayton, GA Bookstore

One of our favorite spots was the newly discovered Zeppelins.  I’m a sucker for an ol’ hippie haunt and this place was charming and laid back.  Did I mention that the food was amazing!?  But my absolute favorite was the Steve Martin record cover on the wall.  So great.

Zeplin's in Clayton, GA

Of course only when you get yourself out of the city can you see such interesting modes of transportation such as the hand painted camouflage truck and the covered wagon.  Somehow I don’t think the streets of DC could rock these looks, do you?

Covered Wagon and Camoflauge Truck

So, it’s back to reality for me.  Gym, Typing and Laundry.  I’m not quite a Jersey girl, ha!  However, as I write this, I am wishing all of you time to meet up with your own girlfriends to relax for a while!



  1. Danielle (elleinadspir) says

    This post is making me want to plan a girls weekend STAT! I too live states away from my best girlfriends….but great weekend trips bring us together and it’s like we never were apart! Aren’t friends like that the best?

  2. Maddy says

    This town looks so charming and quaint!! So glad you ladies had the best time! I love reliving old college stories with my besties! I think our significant others think it’s a bit lame, but we never tire of it 🙂

    • The BonBon Rose Girls says

      @sara@domesticallychallenged, I know! Way more leaves still clinging to branches in Georgia than in my parts further north!

  3. estelle says

    Oh I am loving this post. Your weekend sounds amazing. So needed. That down time with good and true friends is like nothing else. So glad you two were able to do that. Now I need to plan my own…

  4. Jennifer Fabulous says

    Omg how amazingly fabulous! You two are such an inspiration for me. I hope that one day when my friends and I are married with kids, we will find the time to have a girls vacay. It sounds perfect. 🙂

    • The BonBon Rose Girls says

      @Jennifer Fabulous, You will. The only difference is that you create the after hours party just outside from where little ones are sleeping! Hey, at least there’s no last call! Ha!

  5. Allison says

    It looks like you all had a wonderful time! I love these pictures, and all the places you went to visit look absolutely amazing 🙂 How fun that you both get to catch up and spend time together every year!

  6. Beth says

    I’m so jealous. Looks like a fab time. I have been itching to get out of town and relax and I’m heading to Dallas for Thanksgiving. It’s not the country but definitely fun of family and love. Thanks for sharing the photos.

    Plan B

  7. ms Givens says

    I used to live in Georgia. I want to retire there someday. To me every town was like being on vacation. There is so much to see in Georgia. I loved Warm Springs and Tybee Island.

  8. Lyddiegal says

    It seems like the two of you had a splendid weekend getaway, sometimes it’s great to just hang out with your best friend, and get to relieve all those amazing times you’ve shared.

  9. jeni says

    so fun! I read your blog daily and while sitting here in my Levi Jeggings I am excited to see Clayton! I grew up and have a place on Lake Burton… Clayton and the people of Rabun County are fabulous, no?! Next time you’re headed up let me know… wine is on me and we can sit on top of the boat house and watch the ducks swim by!

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