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White Hot Bags

White Handbags

It’s August, wow did that ever sneak up on me, and I must be feeling desperate to hold on to summer before fall arrives. I love fall fashion, but I always feel like I need to make the most of my cute summer clothes before the seasons change. And I was completely inspired by Kristin’s white on white look recently and have just been trying to wear the most of my summer whites. In doing so and combing through my closet I realized I do not own one white handbag. Sure, it could be a challenge to keep a white purse clean but I have other light leather that does well with a little TLC. Why not white?! So, I’ve started the hunt and here are three white hot bags that I’m digging right now. All three are very different, but to me scream warm weather fun.

1. Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody. Ok this is technically called seashell pink, but I’m calling it white and I am in love with it! From the gold chain and quilted body, it looks to be the perfect cross body bag. Swoon!

2. Marc Bucket Bag. So chic, this bucket bag is a great size. It’s not so big that I’d be swimming in it looking for my keys all the time and I love the details like the gold zipper along the side. This is definitely on my list for a good white bag!

3. Kimmie Crossbody. This is a great affordable option to test out the white waters. Can I really keep it clean and smudge free? At $44 I think it’s worth a shot. Plus, it;s lined with a fun arrow material, so cute.

Do you have a favorite white bag? Anyone else try the white on white look? I’m definitely going to make the most of these final weeks with all my favorite summer looks.

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