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Shopping to the Maxx

Kristin and I love nothing more than getting together for a full on shopping jaunt.  Let’s face it…What girl doesn’t love shopping with their friends?  So, when T.J.Maxx asked us to check out their local store together, we gave each other a virtual fist pump.  Then, when Kristin was visiting me in Annapolis, MD, we headed on over.  Our mission…to come away with something we each loved without breaking the bank.

Kristin couldn’t help but peruse the bag aisle. We both loved this bright yellow number!

T J Maxx

And check her out checking out these sunnies.

T J Maxx

But in the end, it was these Coach sandals and a smug smile that said, “I’ve just hit the shopping gold mine,” that she walked away with. You might recognize them from this recent outfit post.

T J Maxx

Of course, I bee-lined for the home decor section.  How sweet is this studded chair?!  Even though it was a steal I couldn’t quite figure out where I would put it so…it was a no go.

T J Maxx

The rug selection was quite delightful don’t you think?  I’m kinda kicking myself for not snatching up this one.

T J Maxx

And even though I walked out with a great orange pitcher (soon to be seen in a tablescape post) I think Jake was the true winner here.  He is loving his new hat! Although, he does need to grow into it a little more!

T J Maxx

We had a great time and definitely dig our new finds!

Disclosure: We were compensated for this post, but the opinions expressed are our own.


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