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The Best Workout App for Busy Moms

Is getting in better shape one of your goals for the new year? Then you need to try the best workout app for busy moms, Gixo! I know getting in shape is a bit cliché as far as new year resolutions go. So, how about we just say we're focusing on healthy lifestyle changes instead? Say you're already in shape and just want to keep the good times rolling. Maybe you're really ready to buckle down and work harder. Either way, this workout app is for you! But before we get into the nitty gritty,...

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CVS Curbside Pickup, Errands Made Easy

CVS Curbside Pickup

Have you ever been running errands and feel like you’ve pushed your kids to the brink of a meltdown? I’ve certainly been there! I have a friend who swears by having no more than three in-and-out of the car seat transitions in one outing. I started paying attention with my own children and sure enough that seems to be the threshold of how much my little guys can take before they start getting restless and losing it. Let’s face it, no matter how necessary it might be, getting them in and out of car seats for...

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3 Great Photo Editing Apps

3 Photo Apps

I will admit, hands in the air you totally got me, I am completely addicted and in love with taking photos and videos on my phone. The quality is great and it's just so easy! Of course I do try to make an effort not to document every waking second of my children's lives. I make sure there are times when the phone is left on the kitchen counter while we go out to play or are building a fort, etc. so that I am able to be in the moment. But I love my iPhone...

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