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Comfy Athleisure and Loungewear for Home

Ask me what I'm wearing on a typical day of the week and the answer is nearly always some form of comfy athleisure or loungewear. These are most certainly not typical times, but what hasn't changed is my daily uniform. Comfy style is still the name of the game in my world. By stocking my wardrobe ... READ the POST

Lace Hemmed Sweatshirt for Spring

This is the time I get antsy. Antsy for sandals and frilly dresses and your basic warm weather wardrobe. It's April and I'm ready to feel the heat! Unfortunately Mother Nature has given us a pretty chilly spring. This lace hemmed sweatshirt is a great way to stay warm while still adding a feminine ... READ the POST

How to Wear Stylish Sport Sunglasses

There are so many great reasons for wearing protective eyewear when taking your workout outdoors. I've been training for my first half marathon next month and have tested these stylish sport sunglasses by Adidas both when hitting the pavement and while running errands. I adore them and think they ... READ the POST

Best Shopbop Athleisure Picks

I'm still loving the athleisure wear trend and I'm beyond happy to report that it seems that athleisure is here to stay for awhile. With plenty of great pieces still gracing the runways, this is a trend I fully support and am happy to see linger on for a few years. On the days that I work from home ... READ the POST

Monday Mingle: Chic Athleisure Wear for Fall

What is the number one thing us busy mamas want when it comes to athleisure? Comfort of course! If I'm turning to athleisure pieces, it means I have a serious day ahead and want to be able to run around without worrying about uncomfortable clothes or shoes. That being said, just because comfort is ... READ the POST

The Cowgirl Chic Trend

You may have noticed an influx of photo shoots at a gorgeous ranch locale. Well, we were dude ranchin' it up girlfriend style at the White Stallion Ranch in Tucson, Arizona. Stay tuned later this week for all the fun details of our getaway, but in the meantime, please enjoy the beautiful scenery ... READ the POST