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Mommy and Me Halloween Costume Ideas: Alice in Wonderland

Halloween is kind of a big deal in our house...especially with our kiddos. They start begging for Halloween decorations before October even hits, so we obviously put a lot of thought into our Halloween costumes too. Last year we dressed up as a family of pirates and one sparkly little fish...This ... READ the POST

Father and Son Halloween Costumes: Spider-Man and Peter Parker

If my son loves anything it's superheroes...particularly Spider-Man. It's all superheroes all the time in the Swenson house and that's A-ok with this mom. I'm a wee bit of a fan myself. I mean Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man? Swoon. Haha! And my son has loved Spidey for ages. In fact, he has dressed ... READ the POST

Sibling Halloween Costumes

Houston we have a problem. The issue at hand is cuteness overload from coordinated astronaut sibling Halloween costumes. I mean seriously, look at these boys. My heart swoons! I love coordinating costumes and this is the first year we have two to dress up in matching looks! Of course Jake and I had ... READ the POST