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Staying On Track With Healthy Choice Power Bowls

Healthy Choice Morning Bowl

This post is sponsored by on behalf of Healthy Choice. Here’s a little secret that may surprise you. I am a lover of the New Year. Sure I adore the holiday season, but my true love is starting a fresh year full of reflection and goals. I actually enjoy putting the decorations away and cleaning house. Don’t even get me started on the promise of a fresh journal. And after a holiday season filled with WAY too many holiday sweets, it’s always the perfect time to get back to eating healthy and taking care of...

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My BBG Workout Experience, Halfway There

BBG Sweat App

In January, I started the BBG workouts exercise and training program. Since I started giving some light updates on my workouts on our Instagram Stories, I've received several questions. Basically it seems like all my friends just want to know what the heck BBG is and how they can do it. So I thought I would break it down and share my own BBG workout experience. I'm only six weeks in but here are my thoughts from the halfway point. What is BBG Ok first, what is this thing called BBG? It's actually called Bikini Body Guide...

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