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RoC Sensitive Skin Products

Roc Sensitive Skin products

Kristin and I both often get asked by friends for product recommendations. It's true, we do get to test out a lot of products. But all skin just isn't the same. When you add in different climates and seasons, our individual skincare needs can even change throughout the year. I know that my skin changes dramatically from the super dry winters to the very humid summers we have here in Maryland. Which is why I'm so glad that there are RoC sensitive skin products available. These products are specifically designed for people who have skin that is sensitive to...

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Our Favorite RoC Skincare Products

With lots of travel and winter weather starting to arrive, we thought it would be a great time of year to dish about our favorite RoC skincare products. Kristin and I have personally tested almost every RoC product available. We both have different skin types and live in drastically different climates. Kristin faces the harsh sun of Florida while I face the cold and windy winters of Maryland. Even so, the RoC skin care product line has worked wonders for us both. Neither one of us have ever had a bad reaction or breakout and always have glowing...

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How Where You Live Could Affect Your Skin

If you've been around these parts a time or two, you probably know that I live in Tampa, Florida, while Megan works in DC and makes her home in Annapolis. You might think based on that limited amount of information that my skin would be at a higher risk for wrinkles simply due to the fact that the sun is so much more intense where I live. Would you believe that's not actually the case? RoC® skincare conducted a study on the most wrinkle prone cities in the United States and, surprisingly, no Florida cities are...

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4 Tips for Summer Ready Skin

Splashing Poolside

Everyone knows that Summer is my absolute favorite time of year. When DC temps get crazy hot and humid I'm the one person you can count on to be annoyingly optimistic about it. Lets just sit outside and have a cocktail and forget how hot it is! Of course that doesn't mean that this fair Irish skin of mine can go unprotected. Here are some tips I do to keep this face of mine looking fresh all season long. I mean a girls gotta work with what she's got! 1. Hydration is the name of the...

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RoC Chest, Neck and Face Cream

There is nothing better then loving a brand or product so much that you want to shout from the rooftops and tell all your besties. I’m not one to ever hoard a perfect product discovery, great restaurant or cute and easy DIY. Rather, I want us all to be in this thing together and share my favorite finds rather than hold that helpful info close to the vest. The RoC 5-in-1 chest, neck and face cream is no exception to that rule. Over the past year Kristin and I have loved being brand ambassadors for RoC. It...

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Our Favorite Skincare Finds

Last year we had had the pleasure of being brand ambassadors for RoC skincare and, as such, we had the opportunity to test out many of their products. We were already fans and using some of the products on our own before we signed on, but now after months of testing I can honestly say that I'm in love with SO many more of their products now! In case you missed any of our RoC features, I decided to round them up for you and highlight our favorite products. Winter is a great time to ramp...

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Our Favorite Winter Skincare Products

Winter is one of my favorite seasons. It's ridiculously hot here in Florida most of the year, so when winter finally brings some cooler temps with it, I'm beyond thrilled. Colder weather can be murder on my skin, however, so I'm grateful for products that help me keep my skin in top top condition so I can get outside and have some winter fun. And a few of my favorite products for winter skincare are RoC's Retinol Correxion Sensitive Night Cream, Retinol Sensitive Eye Cream and Daily Resurfacing Disks. You definitely don't want to abandon your anti-aging regimen...

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