The Best Way to Clean Up After Outside Time

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It’s officially summer and this mama couldn’t be more thrilled! ‘Tis the season of spending time outside! I just love the laidback vibe that our house has adopted. While I’m still working, now that we’ve said goodbye to the strict school year schedule, I feel much more relaxed. We all do. You can see it on our faces. We’re in our happy zone, which means we’re spending a lot of time outside! Now in Florida, it gets pretty hot, so our family spends a ton of outside time in the pool. But sometimes we just want to feel the grass on our feet and that’s when we bring out the balls. At the beginning of every summer, I add a few new outside play toys to our collection and balls are always a part of that.

mother and son having outside time on porch

After dinner, in the early evening, is the best time to play outside for us if we aren’t in the water. The sun is lower, so it’s not as sweltering out. Plus, everybody’s bellies are full so there’s less chance of the grouchies hitting any of us. Haha! I try to soak these moments up when everybody’s together having fun because I know my babies will be off at college sooner than I’d like. So, anytime they want to go outside and play, especially in the summer, I’m game! Hey, we even eat our meals outside sometimes! With that being said, there is one thing that comes with the outside play that I could do without…the dirt. Bwah! It’s hard enough keeping our house picked up, I don’t need any extra dirt added to the equation!

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How to Get Rid of Summer Grime

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not scared of dirt…when it’s outside. My kids can roll around in it for all I care. I just don’t want it in my house and that’s why we have an outdoor play hand washing and/or showering routine when we come inside. Both kids and parents immediately head to our hand washing station that’s always stocked with Dial® Complete Spring Water Foaming Hand Wash AND a Dial® Complete Spring Water Foaming Hand Wash Refill because we go through that stuff FAST! With this handy dandy foaming hand wash, we can tackle all that dirt and bacteria we collected outside, while still being gentle on our hands. This particular foaming hand soap kills 99.99% of bacteria found in your home. I’d call that a win! And did I mention this #1 doctor recommend hand wash is mild enough for frequent use? It’s a good thing because the kids seem to get ALL the dirt in our yard on them every single day. And don’t get me started on the hubs and the yard work. Thank goodness Walmart is so close. Haha! You can also save on Dial products with Ibotta! 
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Say Goodbye to Bath Time Tears

And depending on how dirty they are, as in if it’s a head to toe messy situation, they go to the bath where they’ll find Dial® Peachy Clean for Kids readily available. The Dial Kids formula was actually developed with Pediatric Dermatologists specifically for kids’ sensitive skin. It’s hypoallergenic, pH balanced and dye free. So, you can feel good about daily use. And while us moms love the gentle formula, the kids are all about the yummy, peachy scent! Finally, I don’t have to fight to get them in the shower. They’re so excited to use their Dial Peachy Clean, they hop in without me asking most days. Score one for Mom!

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So, if I’m saying anything about summer, it’s getting outside and getting dirty without a care in the world. Embrace that outside time! Summer grime doesn’t stand a chance with our go-to Dial products! What are you waiting for? Head on over to your local Walmart to stock up! Or you can even shop online. We’re all about making things easier over here!

Now it’s time to shop! You can easily pick up our go-to Dial products below!

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