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How to Wear a Hawaiian Print Without Looking Cheesy

Do you ever see a Hawaiian print and think it’s kind of cute but aren’t quite sure if you could pull it off? I’m here to tell you that you can! Here’s how to wear a Hawaiian print without looking cheesy. 

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How to Wear A Hawaiian Print

Hawaiian prints can be so cute! But of course sometimes wearing them can be confusing. I’ve often stared in the mirror with one on wanting to make sure that I didn’t look a bit…well over the top. I mean my personality is enough as it is, put my in a loud print with a drink and even I realize that I can be a a bit much. 

The most important thing to note when wearing a Hawaiian print is the setting. They most definitely give off a vacation impression so walking into work for a big meeting or a formal event with your Dad’s favorite shirt is hard to pull off. It can be done, but takes quite a bit of finesse. Keeping it simple and wearing your Hawaiian print to a BBQ, dock bar or an outdoor concert is the best way to make sure that you are wearing the trend flawlessly and feel confident. 

woman wearing Hawaiian dress smiling over shoulder

The good news is that with this trend in full force there are so many fun summer prints available right now. I personally like the straight silhouette and fit of this Old Navy dress that I’m wearing. It’s a shirt dress that is comfortable and fits the style of pattern. And of course the pale pink means it feels girly and easy to pair with my sandals or wedges. It comes in a few other patterns, including pineapple, that I’ve been eyeing.

There are also so many great bold maxi dresses with this Hawaiian print. They are perfect for setting that vacation moment. What goes better with a great beachside dinner than looking both chic and relaxed?

Styling a Hawaiian Shirt

And if its a Hawaiian shirt that your vibing. Go for it! The best way to keep your grandma’s old shirt from looking cheesy or outdated is to keep it paired with basics you already own and are wearing on rotation such as a white tank and jeans. Think of it as a layer to liven up a look you’ve already mastered. Tying your Hawaiian shirt in a knot at the waist will also help keep it from ballooning out or having an odd proportion. No girl needs that! 

Relaxed and smiling with a cocktail

And my most important tip when wearing a Hawaiian print is to relax and have fun. These prints are made to put us all at ease. Throw on that Jimmy Buffet playlist and grab yourself a margarita. Before you know it you will be singing along with everyone else! 

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If you love this look check out this dress and several other great Hawaiian prints to keep the vacation vibes going!
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