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Color Crush: Plum

Have you entered our Ruche or Margarita Bloom giveaways yet? And I’m using this post as entry for SITS Canon Rebel contest cuz mama needs a DSLR and the hubs hasn’t sprung for one yet. HA!

Happy Monday lovelies. I hope everyone had a fabulously fun Halloween if you celebrate it! Ours didn’t turn out quite as I had planned. The dude kept his costume on all of about five minutes. There’s always next year right?

Big hugs and thanks to everyone who voted for him in the Gap Casting Call contest by the way! It’s still open so feel free to vote every day. I know you have that kind of time. HA! I’m sure we’ll catch up to that little babe in the lead with the 20,000 plus votes in no time. What? Is that unrealistic? I’m a glass is have full kinda chick lately, so I choose to think that everyone who sees his photo will think he’s as adorable as I do. You gotta love crazy mama rationale right? Anyhoo, take a look at my cranky little spider.

the dude's halloween costume

Thankfully, that foul mood if his didn’t last all night. Once we took off his costume, he chilled and we had a marvelous evening. My mama cooked us up a feast, after which the hubs and I rented a dvd and had some snugs on the sofa. The dude took pity on us and went to bed sans crying fit. I’d call it a pretty successful Sunday!

Before our Halloween festivities got underway, I kicked off the weekend with a little shopping on Friday and I scored some killer deals at the Loft. I know I said I was trying to save my pennies for all my upcoming travel, but these deals were too good to pass up. I’m talking 30% off already heavily discounted items. Holla!

I was hoping to find a little plum colored pretty to add to my wardrobe, but that didn’t happen. Boo. I did score another electric blue piece however. I needed something else in that color like I need a hole in the head. What can I say? It’s like a tractor beam for moi. The reason I had plum on the brain, thought, is because I came across a beautiful plum sweater that I had forgotten about in my closet and it occurred to me that I don’t have nearly enough of that deep, rich and most perfect fall color in my wardrobe. What about ya’ll? Is plum part of your color tricks of the trade?

plum collage

From left to right: Modcloth The Beat of Your Own Plum Sweater, Gap Plaid Ruffle Shirt, Modcloth Shawl My Life Scarf {BonBon Deal of the Day at $32.99} Burberry Nylon Check Tote at Saks Fifth Avenue, Madewell Autumn Feathers Silk Dress

p.s. Don’t forget to mark down the date for the #WeAreFashion Twitter Party that I’m co-hosting with Ebates and a couple of fellow fashion bloggers. The fun will start at 8 PM EST on Wednesday, November 3rd and we’ll be jibber jabbering about all things fashion…Oh, and did I mention there will be prizes?

#WeAreFashion twitter party


  1. Jessica says

    At least the lil’ dude looked adorable in his costume for a wee bit! πŸ™‚

    I made sure to stay far, far away from Loft this weekend. I do not need any temptation! Haha. But these plum pieces are gorgeous.

  2. Debby says

    I love Plum and yes, I have my fair share of it. It’s one of those colors that kind of brighten me up! Glad your son enjoyed Halloween even if it was sans costume. Now I am off to vote for your little guy!

    p.s. I am having a Williams Sonoma gift card giveaway if you want to come enter! xo

  3. HauteWorld says

    Aww, your little one makes one adorable spider! A shame he didn’t want to keep his costume on, but I can understand he’d start getting fidgety in it.

    Love those plum choices! That dress is too gorgeous. I have only a few plum colored items, but I definitely wouldn’t mind getting more!

  4. Scientific Housewife says

    The dude still looks cute even though he is not happy in that costume πŸ™‚ I’m glad to hear the night ended well and I am loving plum for clothes!

  5. Lacretia says

    I voted! He is such a doll! Good luck with the contest! Also, plum is one of my FAVORITE shades to wear, especially this time of year. I might have to go get that Madewell dress — Love!

  6. everton terrace says

    I adore that less than happy photo. I have a friend who uses those kind of “real life” photos for her Christmas cards and I think I look forward to her card most of all. Just fun and we can all relate. I kind of feel that way today actually.

  7. Gina says

    What a cute lil spidey!!

    I think most little ones only end up wearing their costumes for a few moments πŸ™‚

    Plum has always been one of my fav fall/winter colors, i think i will try to incorporate it into my outfit today (yes it is 11:30 and i’m not dressed yet!) hehe

    I so want in on this twitter party!!
    I’ll be at work during it so i’m gonna try to finagle as much party time as possible πŸ˜‰

    Hope your Monday is going smoothly.

  8. Jude says

    Oh my gosh, seeing him in his spider costume just made my Monday! Soo cute, even if it only lasted 5 minutes, lol! I love myself any plummy shade (it’s the most abundant thing in my wardrobe, aside all that leftover NYC black! :))…oh, you are so good at tempting me with your amazing picks!

    Hope your week’s off to a great start!

  9. Meli says

    Love plum. It’s one of my absolute favs. And it looks good on me. Make up and clothes…did I just pat myself on the back? Why yes. Yes I did.

  10. Maddy says

    Looks like you had one cranky little spider on your hands πŸ˜‰ Usually I’m not a fan of them, but I’ll play with your little one anyday! As for shopping, I’m due for a good spree, but I have to clear our the closet first!

  11. Jenn says

    Hilarious – because we also had a grumpypants toddler in a spider costume, followed my dinner cooked by my mom. Good times, good times…. One difference… no shorts here – he had on pants and a coat under his costume! Brrrrrr!

  12. lisa says

    Ooh I have a button-up in plum fron a while ago…it doesn’t fit very well now and is in the “clothes to donate” pile though. πŸ™

  13. Laura@JourneyChic says

    Such a cute spider! Too bad the costume didn’t last very long!

    I totally splurged at LOFT with that sale, too. I’ve got a full cart at Piperlime/Gap/ON/BR, too that I just haven’t pulled the trigger on.

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