Valentine’s Day Photos: Mommy & Me

Megan and Max

I love a good Valentine’s Day photo. It’s kind of my thing. And of course we now have Max so there are two boys to subject to my Valentine’s Day photo madness. I know its silly, but maybe that’s why I love it, just a fun excuse to take cute photos. 

This year I have a few things up my sleeve to try and pull off with the boys, but I also thought these photos from our family photo shoot in the fall worked well for sweet Valentine family photos. After all, nothing says love like a mama and her little ones.

Kissing Baby

Last fall when we took these, I just happened to wear this bright red top from Zara. I had worked so hard to make all of our looks work and then the day before a huge cold front came through. We were all shivering. Needless to say Jake was just not having it. He immediately got out of the car and started crying. Luckily our family photographer is amazing and was somehow able to pull him out of his mood and manage to snap some awesome images. (We use Penny Gray photography if you are in the DC area. She’s wonderful!)

I love that she was able to capture me with each child individually. It feels so special to have photos like these in addition to the whole family which we used on our holiday cards.
Holding Hands

To use these as Valentine family photos, I plan on making a card for each of them with one of these photos.  Although truly for it to work for Max I will probably have to laminate it so he can slobber and bend it all up. He is just loving things like that!

Megan Hugging Jake

So, that’s a quick look at some mommy and me Valentine family photos. For more Valentine’s Day photo ideas, make sure to check out these of Jake at 2!

Jake Valentine's Day

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