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DIY Valentine’s Day Stir Sticks

Happy New Year to all you fab BonBon Rose Girls readers. I simply cannot believe we are talking about Valentine’s Day already! Whether you’re a grown-up or a kid, I think we all love to love Valentine’s Day!

If you’re celebrating with a party, brunch or just a romantic dinner for two, these DIY stir sticks or cocktail stirrers will add a pop of creativity to your February 14th!

I like to make my stirrers out of bamboo sticks found at the grocery store. If you need them to be shorter, just cut them to your preferred length using sharp scissors.

A Valentine’s Day without chocolate is simply not a Valentines Day I’d like to be a part of! Use heart shaped chocolates (like these heart shaped Peppermint Patties) to add a little sweetness to your drink. Simply stick the pointy end of the bamboo stick into the bottom of the chocolate and voila – a perfect drink stirrer. Other candies like red and pink gum drops can be substituted for chocolate.
heart candy stir sticks
Heart Stickers
Heart stickers are aplenty at any craft store this time of year. Affix a heart sticker to the front and back of the pointy end of a bamboo stick for a festive decoration. If you’re having a party, these also serve as drink markers as you can write guests names on them!

heart stickers stir sticks

Using red and pink ribbon, cut small pieces of the ribbon with sharp scissors and tie to the ends of the bamboo sticks. The possibilities are endless as the ribbon aisle at craft stores is always bursting with fun options!
Stir Sticks

Valentines Day Stir Sticks

Whether you are adding some flair to a cocktail or a hot chocolate, these stir sticks are simply perfect for a Valentine’s Day!

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