10 Great Date Ideas on a Budget

Budget DatesYes, it’s the month of love! And, finding fun and budget friendly options for a great date is a must. You don’t have to break the bank to show your partner that you care! Here are 10 great budget dates that will help you seize the day.

1. Take a Hike – Boundless opportunities are available for this activity and most are free – no matter where you live. Grab a brochure from your favorite nearby park or initiate a google search online to determine the best trail for you. Hikes vary in length and fitness levels, so finding a perfect match is certainly doable. The fresh air, the serenity of nature and the escape from the crowds all provide a chance to connect with your partner.

2. Matinee Movie – There is nothing like a good date night that involves a movie but those evening prices continue to climb. Matinees can be significantly less expensive, and can pair with a lunch instead of dinner – also a good savings for the budget conscious. And, it’s cool to come out into sunlight and not darkness to remind yourself your night together has just begun!!

3. Breakfast – Take that meal savings to yet another level by making a breakfast date. Who doesn’t like a good pancake breakfast and one that someone else prepares and cleans up after? What a great start to any day and date!!

4. Picnic in the Park – This is my personal all time favorite excursion. It combines the beauty of nature and food! And, how romantic to spread a pretty blanket or set a picnic table to provide the backdrop for some really fun eats. You can pack a lovely vino, and bring along that cheese and meat board for a relaxing afternoon of sipping and munching while taking in all the great outdoors bring. Throw in a nice baguette, some fresh fruit and a bit of chocolate and, really, does it get any better?

5. Farmer’s Market – Strolling through a local Farmer’s Market is lovely. You can make a meal out of all the free samples offered and more often than not there is live music, as well. Grabbing some fresh produce during the winter provides that glimmer of hope that spring is coming. Take your time, enjoying all the wonderful scents of good food, homemade soaps, beautiful flowers – all ingredients for romance!

6. Window Shopping – Admit it, sometimes window shopping can be just as much fun as actually going in that store and buying. It’s the anticipation, the fantasy of “what ifs”, just the general planning and finding great ideas. What better way to spend an afternoon than strolling with a coffee and day dreaming.

7. Bookstore – There is something so special about a bookstore. Such a luxurious feel of all those books surrounding you and seemingly limitless bounded pages to choose from to take a peek into. And, what better way to share your personal tastes and loves with your honey. Floyd and I often go and pour over the magazines!

8. Museum Visits – There are so many museums to explore. Most offer “free” hours or days every month – so check out the deals. The buildings themselves are interesting enough on their own for exploring. Lose yourself and your love sometime soon – see if it doesn’t become one of your favorite pastimes?

9. Library – Similar to the bookstore, but you can check these out and bring them home for free! Plus they often have free movies to check out too! Many times there are free lectures, special exhibits or fun workshops to participate and learn something new with your partner. Really fun to share these experiences with your special someone!

10. Stop and Smell the Roses – Finally, just grab each other’s hand, head out and enjoy all the beauty that is out there – no matter what! Just take time alone and away from people and noise and just pay attention to your love. Slow down, be quiet, and remember why you love each other! It’s pretty nice.

So, there you go, just a few ideas to spark that flame and enjoy this love month without breaking the bank. Which budget dates appeal most to you?

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