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What to Wear with a Red Lip

If you’ve visited our site a time or two, you probably know that I really enjoy a bold lip…and said bold lip is typically red, more often than not, during the holiday season. I mean what says happy holidays more than oh so cheery red? I have more red lipsticks than I probably need, but us girls love our options right? Haha!

So, what do we wear with our red lip look? Well, red lipstick is surprisingly versatile. It goes with a wide array of hues, but the easiest way to wear it is by pairing with basic black, white or, in today’s case, BOTH!


Last year I rocked this holiday ready black and white top with, you guessed it, red lips. They gave a relatively simple blouse, skinnies and heels look extra pop.


Megan shared her take on the black, white and red look a few months ago. Her red pout gave this date night outfit some serious va-va-voooooom! Actually the fierce animal print stilettos started the vampy vibe and the red lips took it home.

Black and white with a pop of red is the kind of look that’s super easy to recreate, but looks totally intentional…like you spent some time styling yourself. You know…more than the five or ten minutes we usually have. That’s not just me right? Everyone else finds herself rushing to get ready too I’m assuming. No? Crickets? Le sigh.

For tips on how apply the perfect red lip, head here! Our beauty expert shared an easy tutorial.


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