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Mix and Match Fashion

It’s Friday, the end to another week.  Well, for me being home with a newborn, the hours completely  run together and I couldn’t really tell you what day of the week it is…or when I even last managed to wash my hair.  So strange for someone who usually lives hard core by a calendar.  But being that it is indeed Friday, today we are all about our Rosebuds, and this week’s featured Rosebud is the oh-so-fabulous Mix and Match Fashion!

Tara (seen below) is the blogger behind Mix and Match Fashion and in addition to being a Special Education teacher, also has an eye for style.  If you love outfit posts make sure to check out her site which is full of fun wardrobe pics.  She’s definitely got me feeling inspired to dig in my closet, get made up and go out!  Here are a few sneak peaks…

Rosebud: Mix and Match Fashion

Rosebud: Mix and Match Fashion

Rosebud: Mix and Match Fashion

Megan Yarmuth


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