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Monday Mingle: One of My Favorite Spring Dresses

I’ve made it no secret that I’ve struggled with my post baby weight loss. Thanks to a wonderful doctor who has helped me get my thyroid condition under control and some hard work, I’m on my way to being comfortable in my own skin again. That doesn’t mean I’m where I want to be, but it means I’m actually seeing some results, which thanks to that slow thyroid of mine, wasn’t possible before.

Now let’s talk about spring dresses…How’s that for a weird segue? It will make sense in a moment, I promise!

The perfect spring dress -

Image via Best Part Photography

When I was in my darkest days with this thing, one dress helped draw me out of my self pity fest whenever I put it on…a simple coral sheath. For some reason, it made me feel great…and those of you who have struggled with body image know just how uplifting it can be when you find something that makes you feel good. Beauty definitely comes from within, but being healthy and in shape has always been important to me, so finding that space again has been amazing. I just want to say thank you to that sweet little sheath and, most importantly, my family and friends for helping me work through this!

How can you be anything but happy when you’re wearing coral? It’s such cheerful shade no? What’s a color that you’re looking forward to wearing this spring? Head on over to Momtrends and Thirty Something Fashion to see what colors they’ve been rockin’ and don’t forget to join us for Monday Mingle by linking up your style posts below and entering our latest giveaway below. The lucky winner is going to take home two spring perfect necklace from SuperJeweler & Stella & Dot And a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses from Won’t these gorgeous turquoise necklaces look fabulous with your spring dresses?


Details: The winner must be a US resident and at least 18 years of age.

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  1. Cynthia says

    What a pretty dress! I totally know what you mean about that one item of clothing that always makes you feel better about yourself. When I have, what I call, an ugly day, there are a couple of items in my closet that I always turn to for comfort. You look fabulous! Love the different accessories you’ve paired with that dress.


  2. Courtney says

    Isn’t it amazing how pieces of clothing can just alter our mentalities and really uplift us? This really is a stunning dress and I love how soft and springtime perfect it is. You look gorgeous!

    Courtney ~

  3. carly says

    COuld you be ANY MORE gorgeous in Coral? Totally your color and I get why it makes you feel GREAT! Love that pic of you and the kiddies.

  4. Ellen Thrifty & Chic Mom says

    Cute dress and I can definitely relate, after my 3rd my thyroid went crazy and I developed Graves Disease (hyperthyroid condition). That year until I got it under control was really rough not the mention the surgery to completely remove my thyroid. I still have times I don’t feel like myself and some things have completely changed. I am so glad to hear you are doing better, family support is so important!

  5. ADA says

    That is a gorgeous Spring Dress. Loving the coral. Your daughter’s headband matches. You are one gorgeous mom and that photo of you and your kids is beautiful. =)

    My pleasure linking up on this sunny Monday. <3 Ada.

  6. Alexis Grace says

    I am so glad that you are starting to see the other side and that you can look back on the positive moments in your struggle! I know exactly what you mean about certain clothing items impacting one’s self esteem…. those are the best!

  7. Michelle says

    Seeing all the pretty spring colored clothes and jewelry makes me think spring might actually come! Working on that baby weight too, I know I’ll get there, it’s harder after my second though :/

  8. Sharla Moore says

    I love turquoise and the bead strand reminds me of what my grandmother wore when I was a child! I would love to win them!

  9. Connie Martin says

    You are looking great, all the hard work is paying off. This dress is so pretty on you. Stay positive and know you are beautiful inside and out.

  10. Kym says

    Coral always makes me smile, too. It’s such a fun, happy color! And you look beautiful in your dress! It’s so flattering and pretty.

  11. Allison says

    Kristin! I haven’t read your blog in such a long time! I didn’t realize you had a hormonal condition….my life has been consumed with endocrinology! I am a red herring with Cushing’s Disease and might need neurosurgery. You look beautiful though and still look very young. I struggled for years trying to figure out what in the world was going on–I wrote about it in a blog, but it’s SUPER BORING!!! I’m looking forward to getting all my weight off. 🙂

  12. Shell says

    I need you ladies to dress me, I swear. My fashion extends to being able to tell you which brand of yoga gear is the best and that’s it.

  13. Lyddiegal says

    That is a gorgeous dress, I can see how it would make you feel great every time you put it on – and I’m glad to hear you are finally feeling good about your body again.

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