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Three Winter Meal Ideas

There is something about winter that makes me want to squirrel up inside my home and snuggle with my little family. So, we don’t tend to eat out as much in the cold weather months. To be fair, my hubs does a lot of the cooking because he likes and he’s darn good at it. But I try to fit my share of meal prep in to. Thankfully I have a bestie and mama who are very creative in the kitchen, so I have a wealth of ideas that they’ve shared to draw from. And many of those ideas have been featured right here.

So, I thought I would round up some of my favorite winter meal ideas in case you’re looking for a little dinner inspiration too…And did I mention that they’re easy? Seriously…so easy. Mama doesn’t have time to burn. Haha!


Baked Ravioli

When you think about comfort food…what comes to mind? I love a good pot roast as much as the next girl, but Italian dishes serve as comfort food just as much for me. And this baked ravioli recipe is simply delicious.

baked potato soup

Loaded Baked Potato Soup

Nothing beats a nice hearty bowl of soup on cold winter’s day. Am I right? This soup will definitely satisfy everyone from your kiddos to your honey. Plus, you can make it ahead of time so all you have to do is heat it up when you get home.



My family lives for brinner, but scrambled eggs and pancakes get old after a while. So, I like to throw different kinds of breakfast for dinner meals at them. This fritatta is a slam dunk. Plus, it’s a recipe  you can keep in your arsenal when it comes time to throw a brunch. We live for brunch too. Just sayin’.

So, what are your favorite winter meal ideas lovelies? And for more meal inspiration, check out our Food page. Bon appetit!

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