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Are Tassel Accessories Over?

It’s the million dollar question. Tassels are everywhere right now for the second (or is it the third?) summer in a row. But are tassel accessories over? Have they reached their peak only to be on their way waving good-bye to all of use with their cute strings waving in the wind? OR are they here to stay awhile longer cheering us on as we continue to be energized by their festive vibes? We’ve been debating this a bit in my office on our lunch walks and the consensus among us girls is that we have a while longer, another summer or even two, to enjoy our tassels.

Are Tassel Accessories Over

Of course we believe that you should always wear what you love no matter what the trends are saying. But the truth is, before we purchase something like fun accessories we want to know that we can wear it with wild abandon for a good long while. I recently purchased the tassel bracelet above from Shopbop (marked down to $6.99, see below!) and have loved stacking it with other bracelets in my stash. I also have some new pink tassel earrings that I’ll be wearing next week in Orlando. Love that pop of pink!

Knowing that I truly think you have some time on your hands with tassels, I’ve gathered a few of my favorites from Shopbop right now. If you are also into thin chokers, I’m especially loving the second item with its mini tassels!

What do you think lovelies? Are tassel accessories over or are they here to stay? Are you keeping your eye on any right now?

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