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August Stitch Fix Unboxing and Try On Video

You guys know how I love my Stitch Fix. Having fashion delivered directly to my door makes my life so easy. I really do like the intrigue of someone else picking out what they think would be just right for me and my body type. And sending back the items that aren’t exactly perfect for me is so seamless. So this month I’m happy to share with you my August Stitch Fix unboxing and try on video. Take a look and let me know what you love or would have sent back. I was a little surprised at how summery some of the looks were but I have a beach trip still coming up. I guess the summer isn’t quite over yet.

August Stitch Fix Unboxing and Try On Video

Here are a few of the items that were in my August Stitch Fix box. These pale pink skinny jeans have a released hem and I really like the frayed look. The embroidered top was easy to throw on and I could see it being an everyday shirt with a bit of detail to elevate it.

Stitch Fix Pink Pants

This cotton plaid tunic is very lightweight and seems like it would be easy to layer with cardigans and sweaters for fall. I love the length too so it’s a keeper! Plaid for the win! Stitch Fix Plaid Tunic

That’s my August Stitch Fix Unboxing and Try On video. What do you think? Would you have kept these items? I know Stitch Fix just added more luxury items and high end brand names. I’ve always kept my style profile at a mid price point but I think for next month I might shake it up and see what they send me. After all, half of the fun is in the surprise! 

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  1. Jean Waryas says

    love the skinny jeans, they look great on you , how much stretch is in them ? I would send back the bag { looks cheap } love the check pin tuck blouse. send back the black blouse , send back the embroidered blouse . the only thing I would keep are the jeans.

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