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Chenille Turkey Craft for Kids

When I picked my daughter up from her first day of preschool, her teacher was all…”WOW, she sure loves arts and crafts!” One day in and my baby girl had already created a slew of masterpieces. You gotta love her! So, I’ve been gathering together projects that we can make together at home to help encourage her innate creativity. And since we’re closing in on turkey season, what’s cuter than a kid created turkey craft?

Enter chenille turkeys! They’re as pie to make and simply adorable! They would even make for a great way to entertain the kiddos on Thanksgiving. Everybody loves a little pipe cleaner fun! While daddy can watch football for hours on turkey day, my three old needs a little more engagement. Haha!


Supply list:

Assorted pipe cleaners (1 red, 1 brown, 1 orange, and several multi color for the tail feathers)


Hot glue, glue gun, or craft glue

Googly eyes


1. Begin by folding the brown pipe cleaner into a figure 8. Create a “tent” out of the figure 8. This will be the body of your turkey.


2. Cut the assorted colors of pipe cleaners in half. Loop into ovals and secure at the ends by twisting. These will be your feathers. Add glue to the tips and press to the body of the turkey.


3. Fold a 1 inch piece of orange pipe cleaner into a triangle. This will be the beak. Glue into place on the figure 8.


4. Snip a 1 inch length of red pipe cleaner and loop as you did the feathers. Add a dab of glue to the tip and press under the beak for the gobbler.


5. Add your googly eyes and your chenille turkey craft for kids is complete.

See? I told you they were easy to make! Go forth and craft lovelies!


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