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Decorating with Indigo

Decorating with Indigo

Does anyone else feel like the honorary color of January is blue? Maybe it’s that it’s the middle of winter, after the holidays, and we’re all feeling the icy weather, but I’ve always just gravitated towards blue this month. So, when my trusty Pottery Barn catalog showed up declaring that Indigo was the color right now, I nodded my head in agreement. We actually always have had a lot of blue in our home since it’s so relaxing, but it’s time for a little refresh. As you can see, I’m totally into decorating with indigo right now, so here are some indigo hued items I’d love to sprinkle throughout the house right now.

1. This Horchow lamp would be a big splurge for me, but oh how I just love it. What a unique piece! That little lucite base and fab pattern make my heart sing!
2. H&M Home cute guest towels bring in the blue hue.
3. This pouf has a relaxing vibe perfect for resting your feet!
4. Cute polka dot napkins could be used year round.
5. West Elm’s Dhurrie rug is easy on the eyes and feet.
6. Ceramic jars perfect for little cookie monsters, have a simple blue stripe.
7. Small accents like this sweet frame can add indigo to a room as well.
8. This Dhurrie rug has a preppy vibe that could complement just about any existing color palette.

How about it? Is anyone else feeling the blue vibe?


  1. i remember when i worked for a large clothing retailer, that we received a lot of blue and white after the holidays. the manager called it ‘resort season.’ so i guess that everyone who tires of winter, travels somewhere warm, and wears blue and white? 🙂

  2. ahh… LOVE this color. I have a bunch of items from Tiff and Co that are blue and white and they are highlighted in my kitchen..great combo!!!

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