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DIY Valentine’s Day Box

So, did you get the same note from your kiddo’s teacher that I did? They need a specially decorated box to collect all the sweet Valentines they’ll be receiving from their classmates right? If you’re the crafty sort, this is a chance to show your creativity, but if DIYs aren’t exactly your thing, this project will be more of a chore. Well, never fear my craft challenged friends. I have a super easy DIY Valentine’s Day box idea for you today. In fact, it’s more of a semi DIY…It’s that simple.


All you need to do is head to your local craft store and find a plain box with a opening in the top. Next select some fun stickers that will make your wee one smile. I found some heart and flower cuties at Michael’s. Then…wait for it…I simply stuck them on the box. It took all of two minutes. And I’m being generous. It turned out pretty darn cute right? If you can remove the paper backing from a sticker, you can handle this DIY. Haha!



So, have you already started on your kids’ Valentine’s Day boxes? I would love to see them. If you posted about them, you should add them to the seasonal link up we posted earlier today! I daresay you’ll find loads of heart day inspiration from your fellow bloggers. And a few from us and our partner in crime, Krystal’s Kitsch, too!


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