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Dressing Up High Waisted Pants

Since I’ve been out and about networking a lot lately, I decided to show you my take on dressing up high waisted pants. The high waisted pants trend has really been everywhere for the past year. Overall I really love the look but it can be a little tricky to get just right. You don’t want them to look too frumpy or get the proportion wrong. 

Shop The Look: Pants / Top / Heels / Bag / Necklace (some items are similar)

Dressing Up High Waisted Pants

Workwear is something that changes a lot depending on what you do for a living and where you live. Kristin and I both really live in casual clothes most of the time. Besides blogging, I also own a production company where black jeans and sneakers are considered essential wardrobe staples. But owning our own businesses means that we both also go to meetings and events. For me, living just outside of Washington, DC, that means getting pretty dressed up by today’s standards. Washingtonians still firmly believe in dressing up for work. And since I get to play at it from time to time its become more fun than chore.

Enter the high waisted pants. These high waisted pants have sat in my closet since the Nordstrom sale. They have since gone on sale even lower (ah!) and are a total bargain! I really loved them but knew they just needed the right form fitting top that could be tucked in to let that tied waste shine. So into my closet I went and somehow I dug out this old Banana Republic shirt. They are perfect together!  

All About Accessorizing 

And of course dressing up high waisted pants in a look this simplified is really all about the accessories. This layered pearl chunky necklace is perfect for adding some professional flair. It’s work wear without being boring. And my Kate Spade bag is one of my trusty work go to’s. It fits my laptop and all my folders with ease. Let’s just pretend that zipper is open from me passing out all those business cards. I always like to keep them handy in an outer pocket like that. No excuses or awkward digging around! 

And the thing I find really important are the shoes. These Louise et Cie heels are dressy and also give me even more height. That means I don’t look frumpy or too stumpy based on where these pants hit my calf. Basically a great pair of heels go a long way!

louise et cie black heels

Now just throw me into a meeting or a group of people and I’m ready to sell and talk your ear off! Dressing up high waisted pants has been a fun way to add a little flair to my business looks. How are you wearing them?


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