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Easy Appetizers for a Ladies Night Celebration

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Kellogg’s.

Pre-Ladies Night CelebrationHi lovelies. You know I am ALL about easy entertaining! And I do it often, like every weekend! You may remember from my post a few weeks ago (link to that one of my go to resources for pulling off a great event quickly are Town House crackers. They are one of my pantry staples. Well this past weekend was no exception. My Mom came into town and I wanted to treat both her, and a few other girlfriends who have been instrumental in getting our family through the newborn phase of our second little guy, to some appetizers and drinks before we headed out to a girls night. This was really the first time I’d had to cut loose in what felt like a long time. Between some freezing winter weather and a new baby, I just haven’t seen some of my girl friends for that quality time I was so longing for.

Town House Crackers

Ladies Night Appetizers

I kept our spread simple so that we could just really kick back without getting too stuffed for dinner and dancing (yes I danced!). Our apps included the Town House Sea Salt Pita crackers with hummus and Town House Italian Herb Flatbread Crisps with a Greek feta spread. To dress up the hummus, I drizzled it with olive oil and sprinkled fresh feta crumbs and red pepper flakes. It was delicious. The Greek spread was store bought and included feta, olives, sun dried tomatoes and basil. The spread complemented the Flatbread Crisps perfectly and the presentation of a little lined up on each cracker was adorable. Throw in some fresh fruit and champagne and you’ve got the perfect pre-ladies night event!

Town House Crackers and Hummus

Town House Crackers

Town House Flat Bread Crisps

Town House Crackers

It was so nice catching up with my friends and having uninterrupted quality time. It just goes to show that you don’t have to prepare hours in advance to treat yourself and your peeps to something special!

Pre-Ladies Night Celebration

Town House Crackers


From presentably munch-able options, to dipping inspiration, to versatile possibilities, we have the variety that will help her stylishly host any type of gathering – from planned to impromptu.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Kellogg’s.


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