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Create an Easy Fall Transitional Look

Sometimes we need to just look into our closet with a fresh set of eyes. These days in between seasons are a great time for that. It doesn’t always have to be about buying a whole new capsule wardrobe each and every season. Even if I would just love too, sadly it just isn’t in the budget! This look felt fresh and didn’t cost me one new cent. Music to my husband’s ears. Here’s one way to create an easy fall transitional look.

Easy Fall Transitional Look
Easy Fall Transitional Look

The first part of creating an easy fall transitional look is to remember it is all about the layers. It’s not super cold here yet. In fact while it may be wet and a little crisp there is still a fair amount of humidity. So I opted to start with a lightweight tee. This J. Crew tie tee was hands down my summer favorite.

Next I added in my favorite Madewell jeans and of course my Converse. I know I should branch out from my beloved shoreline Converse tennis shoes, but I just love them too much. I guess you could say if loving Shoreline’s is wrong I don’t want to be right. This look was one I rocked pretty regularly all summer.

Then it was time to add in the fall layers. I instantly loved this blanket scarf with the look. A fun pop of color that works with the pale pink but isn’t too matchy.

And finally, a green military jacket is a great layer that isn’t too thin or thick. It’s the goldilocks of jackets. Just right, ha.Easy Fall Transitional Look

Green military jacket and scarf
Shoreline Converse Shoes

Green military jacket

Now that you know how I like to take a fresh look at my closet to create an easy fall transitional look, the question is, are you ready to create your own transitional look? I can’t wait to see and get inspired!

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