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The Fall Streetwear That You NEED

We’re down to the last few days of Moms Do Fall Fashion and today I’m pumped up to share my fall streetwear look with you! Once you’re done checking out my fall look, head over to The Little Style File to see how two of our favorite mamas are easing into fall. These are looks you don’t want to miss! And of course we still have our $150 Nordstrom Gift Card Giveaway going on so head over to enter.

Moms Do Fall Fashion

Fall Streetwear

Ever get confused by all the crazy fashion terms? Well I’m hear to help break down streetwear for you and share why this fall streetwear look is one that I am wearing more and more. So what exactly is streetwear? Well, its style that comes from skater, surf and hip-hop culture. I always think of it as very Californian in my mind. Think graphic tees, hoodies and sneakers. And then all us moms decided, hey that looks REALLY comfortable and cool, I’m down for that too. I’ve always loved an edgy surfer style, so anytime I can add pops of it in I do.

Now that my husband and I own our video production company, I’m having to hustle on video shoots more and more. I may be wearing blazers in the meetings but on set, it’s sneakers and jeans that rule the day. And with us doing a lot of work outside during fall, I also need to be cozy in the wee hours. Yes, my alarm has gone off in the 4 o’clock hour a lot lately!

Fall Streetwear

Enter my new best friend, this grey Ugg poncho. It’s sooo soft and cozy and I love how the arms have fitted cuffs. Even cuter is the kangaroo pocket. I wore it for 12 hours yesterday and it was perfect! It layers so nicely over a tee and leggings. Trust me friends, buy this and wear it all season long. Wether its walking to the bus stop, going for coffee or heading to brunch, throwing this Ugg poncho over leggings will make you feel pulled together in no time!

I dare you to tell me once you wear it that you don’t love it. Of course I won’t believe you but still I dare you!

Fall Streetwear Grey Ugg Poncho

Also added to my mix of fall streetwear are these black nike sneakers. They have a breathable mesh and I am able to just pull them on and off without lacing every time. I love them!

That’s my take on the fall streetwear that you just need in your life! Who else loves the surfer, sneaker style as much as I do?

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