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Save Your Complexion with a Straw Hat

Once I hit my thirties, I really started to pay attention to the little sun spots and fine lines that were popping up. I’m not hung up on aging, but that doesn’t mean I’m dying to look older than I am. Haha! So, I try to protect my thirty something skin as much as I can. That means wearing sunscreen daily, rockin’ oversized sunnies and a sporting nice straw hat when the weather calls for it.


fedora / floppy hatbeach hat / western hat / striped hat / wide brim hat / crochet hat / oversized hat

I have a few straw toppers in my closet, from fedoras to cowboy hats, but I’m always looking to add to my collection. One can never have too many stylish accessories…especially accessories that not only complete your look, but protect your complexion from the sun’s wicked rays. And being that I live here in the sunshine state, those rays are extra brutal! I know that with summer around the corner, you probably want to take extras special care of your skin too. Hence, this roundup of super cute straw hats…

So, is a straw hat one of your summer style must haves lovelies? Which type calls your name?

  • Torey Noora

    I love these picks! I started wearing a cute straw hat last year and can’t wait to shop for more. I loveeee that black striped one.

    May 18, 2015 at 6:43 pm Reply

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