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How to Prep Your Closet for Fall Booties

I’m giddy with the fact that fall booties are here to stay. At least for another year, as far as we all know, booties will be all over the streets. They truly are an easy way to transition your wardrobe as things start to cool off. I’ve even worn my peep-toe booties throughout the summer when I feel like a look could use a little edge.

Fall Booties

Unfortunately, my closet is a hot mess of summer piles and means that I’m so not prepared and ready to go. Now is a great time to take out all your boots and decide what has been worn to the point of no return and what gaps you might have. This is a HUGE item on my list this weekend while sales are still happening and my size is in stock.

So how do you prep your closet for fall booties?

Personally I like to go through and write down my wish list so that I have something that works for the majority of my wardrobe. For me that looks like this: brown peep toe booties, black peep toe booties, casual black ankle boots AND dressy black booties (maybe a thicker stacked heel for example vs. a thin dressier heel), and casual brown ankle boots. Yes, that’s a whole lotta booties. 5 pairs in fact. Scream it out loud and roll your eyes at me. I don’t mind at all! In my 5 pairs of booties defense, we have what feels like a VERY long period of 40’s and 50’s temps in the spring so I wear these suckers until like May of each year. By then I’m crying over my flip flops, so I promise, there is a reason.

Once I have my wish list handy, I match what I already own that still works and what to be on the lookout for. For me this year, I’m in need of black ankle boots. Mine are just really old and look it. So shopping for one pair to head into fall isn’t so bad. And having that list handy in my phone means I can refocus when I’m tempted by the pretty brown ones that I don’t really need.

Here are several fall booties that Kristin and I have put to the test that still work for Fall 2016.

Fall Guess Brown BootiesBlack Ankle Booties fall booties fall peep toe bootiesIf you DO need an update, check out our Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks.

And tell us, how do you decide what items you’ll update each season?

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