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Fall Decorating

So, let me ask you a question…Would you consider yourself a crafty person? My mama is the kind of lady who can gather together random bits and pieces of crafting materials and create the most beautiful handmade wreaths without breaking a sweat. Sadly, I did not inherit that innate talent. She gave it all to my little sister. Haha! I’m, on the other hand, the kind of girl who typically buys those beautiful wreaths…or I wait for my mom to make me one. Just sayin’. BUT…I may actually attempt to make some some fall decorations myself this year and, thankfully, I can also look to my bestie for fall decorating inspiration because she’s pretty darn creative in the design space too. No wonder she’s like a third daughter to my mama. Bwah!

Fall Decorating Ideas


DIY Fall Table…Paint dipped legs and a fun fall tablescape give this DIY all kinds of appeal!

fall decorating

Fall Candle Chandelier…Don’t forget to look up when you’re decorating. Guests will notice a jazzed up chandelier!

floral door accessory

Fall Front Door Arrangement…Gather together some dried flowers in autumnal shades and you can create a fall ready door in minutes!

Those are just a few easy fall decorating ideas, but there’s more where that came. From my mom and Megan I mean. Haha!

So, is fall decorating on your mind too right now lovelies? Will a fabulous fall wreath or floral arrangement, for instance, be gracing your front door this season? The real question is though, will you be shopping for one or going the DIY route? If you have a great DIY idea that you think I can master, I’m all ears! My kids have really gotten into seasonal decorating the past few years and they let me hear about it if our home isn’t festive enough. You gotta love ’em! Happy fall decorating!

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