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Getting Lost in Virginia Wine Country

When my friend Angie suggested a day in Virginia’s wine country for her birthday I was all in! I mean what could be better than celebrating by spending a summer day together in the beautiful Virginia countryside tasting wine? Did I mention that one of the wineries was named Unicorn Winery?! Cue the rainbows and butterflies and I promise it does not get any better!

Joni (that gorgeous tall red head below) offered to be our DD and with her boyfriend and Angie’s husband in tow, we loaded up a rented mini-van, popped in some old school tunes and were on our way.  First stop was the Barrel Oak Winery a mere hour and twenty minutes from DC.  There we were greeted by the rolling foothill mountains and a cool breeze, so we took the vino outside!  After our tasting it was so perfect we decided a pitcher of sangria was a must (poor Joni!).  Lets just say there might have been some hula-hooping involved once we polished off that pitcher.  We left Barrel Oak and  stopped at the charming Iron Bridge restaurant for lunch and then forged onward to the Unicorn Winery.  The wines at Unicorn totally lived up to their name and we had a fab time playing with their dog Franc.  In all it was a spectacular day spent in the great outdoors with some of my favorite people who I just don’t get to see enough of!  I think it may just have to become Angie’s annual birthday tradition.  Oh and as a random side note, apparently it is totally cool to bring pets, small babies and children to wineries on the weekends so any mama’s out there this can be a family friendly day.  Just try not to be the weirdo with the talking parrot on your shoulder.  No one likes that!

The girls before we hit the road!

A tasting outdoors.

A toast to the Birthday Girl!


First comes wine, then comes Sangria!

Unicorn Winery

The Unicorn Winery does not disappoint.

Green grapes on the vine

Get into my wine glass!

Bridge over stream in Virginia

The long journey home.


Ps – I also tipped my toe in the world of fondant to make a fondant covered wine bottle cake for Angie. If you’re curious to see the end result you can catch it on our Facebook page!


  1. Best time ever with the best company ever!! Annual tradition is set in stone (and then stained with red wine!). I can’t wait to go back again!

    • @Dancing Branflake, Thanks! I actually got the dress last weekend at Osa and Martin, apparently this chain is closing! So bummed!

  2. I love wine tasting, being from Santa Barbara it was a regular weekend outing to go wine tasting in the valley (Santa Ynez). After seeing your fun day I need to make time to do this again, soon!

  3. What a fabulous time that looks like. How lucky was Angies’ hubs to be with all those gorgeous dames?

    • @Melissa B., With a name like Naked Mountain how could it not get on my list! It is definitely a do for next time!

  4. YES! Love Virginia Wine Country! My in-laws have a home in Virginia wine country and every now and then we get the chance to go and enjoy. 🙂 Cheers!

  5. Never been wine tasting 🙁
    But right now I got a bit jealous (in a good way) and I’m googling places where I live!
    It looks you had a great time!

  6. Such gorgeous pictures! I’ve never been to a wine tasting, but it looks so chic and fun – I wonder if you’d see a unicorn if you drank enough wine there haha.

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