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Goodbye Summer Beauty, Hello Fall Beauty

This post is sponsored by Target. 

The older I get, the more I love experimenting with my look. When I was in my twenties, I tended to stick to what I knew worked, but since I hit my thirties, I’ve been a bit more fearless … And that goes for my make up too. Ten years ago you would have never seen me rock the bold lip colors that are my signature these days. I was a natural lip kinda girl back then. Thankfully this decade of my life has brought me the confidence to go big or go home with my make up no matter what season it is.

Pixi makeup

Now for the summer, I tend to stick to neutral eyes and bright pinks and corals for my lips. When fall draws closer, I start getting the itch to be a bit more dramatic with my lip color. It doesn’t mean that bright hues are off the table, but I might go for a bright red versus punchier shades. And a bold, bright red is just what I picked up when shopping the Pixi line at Target. I was immediately drawn to their Tinted Brilliance Balm in Rosy Red. It’s perfect for when I’m on the go as the balmy consistency makes it much easier to apply than say a traditional creamy lipstick, yet the color is still saturated enough to make a statement. Creamy lippies require much more precision than I can handle when I’m racing out the door in the morning, but I digress…



As for the rest of my early fall makeup goes, I still stick to neutrals for the rest of my face, but I’m not opposed to amping things up a bit. Pixi’s Fariy Dust powder, for instance, adds just a touch of sparkle to my eyes. We’re not talking glitter … we’re talking shimmer. That paired with a nice sandy eyeshadow and Pixi’s Lash Booster Mascara and my eyes are ready to roll. All that’s left is a pinch of color on my cheeks that can be achieved by their Sheer Cheek Gel in Natural. This is the kind of look that can be done in a flash. I know y’all are just as busy as I am!

So, there you have it … My slightly more dressed up face is ready for fall! Goodbye summer beauty, hello fall beauty!


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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    That is a really great color on you. It looks like there is going to be some great new colors for fall.

  2. Jessica Harlow says

    I like the look of your amped up red lips! I think the fall season is a great time to add lots of color to your makeup pallet. Summer tends to be more about the natural colors and less makeup for me.

  3. Annie {Stowed Stuff} says

    I recently bought some PIXI makeup from Target. Loved the lips, but couldn’t deal with the pencil sharpening issue with the eyeliner pencil. I’ll have to check out Pixi next time I hit Target, which is just about every other day!

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