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A Great Laptop Tote Bag

Finding great bags that work easily with my laptop is a constant struggle. I am always on the move and work seamlessly from my home office to a physical office to a coffee shop all sometimes in the same day. I rarely leave home Monday through Friday without a laptop in tow. Which means that I pretty much always need to have a bag nearby ready to go. A great laptop tote bag is an essential accessory that I use daily.

Perfect bag for working on the go

Since I move so much throughout my day, I’ve tried many ways to carry and protect my laptop. Several of the bags just didn’t cut the mustard. They either couldn’t handle the weight or didn’t have the proper components. I’m thrilled to say that this Madison Tote from Solo not only looks great but works seamlessly as a laptop bag. It has both handles and a shoulder strap which is great for city walking, and I love that it completely zips so no one can peek in and see the computer. I’ve carried it around for a few weeks and while it can get a bit heavy once I load it down, it has taken on the extra weight with no problem. If only I could say as much for my thighs, ha.

Great Laptop Tote BagGreat Laptop Tote Bag

Since I’m surely not the only one always in need of a great laptop tote bag, I thought I would share what I think are the key things to look for when shopping.

Great Laptop Tote Bag Tips

  1. Protection – I’ve tried tote bags that are completely open without a special sleeve. The issue is that anything else in your bag is either going to get smushed or your computer can get scratched up. One way to handle this is to have a cool pouch that you put your make-up and keys in. The other is to make sure your bag has a designated separate area for your computer.
  2. Zip It Up – I really like a great laptop tote bag to completely zip or fasten closed. When its sitting in my passenger seat or at a table, I don’t want anyone to be able to quickly grab it and run. Maybe its the city girl in me, but having it completely closed is really ideal.
  3. Straps & Handles – I like options. Can you tell? I love a bag that has both sturdy handles and a shoulder strap. That way no matter what my outfit, bag weight or fancy might feel like I’m good to go.
  4. Chic Please – My final tip is look for something that is sleek and chic. I like my laptop bags to work with as many outfits as possible and also don’t want to look like I’m carrying some sort of crazy clown bag. A chic black tote like this one is perfect for looking on point at meetings.

Great Laptop Tote BagLaptop Tote Bag from Solo Tell me do you struggle with finding the perfect laptop bag as well? Somehow I never seem to have that same problem with a clutch at night! Laptop Tote Bag from Solo

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Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. However samples were provided for review.


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