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Halloween Popcorn Mix

Spooky Popcorn

Halloween themed popcorn is perfect to munch all month long. From fall festivals, costume parties to just a chill night watching our favorite Halloween movies on the couch (Beetlejuice for me, Hocus Pocus for Kristin! It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown for everyone else!) a bowl of this tempting Halloween popcorn goes fast! I think creating little things like a special treat can really make for season long fun for everyone!

Halloween Popcorn

Ingredients: Popped popcorn however you prefer to make it. 1 cup chocolate chips for melting. Dried guava fruit (or similar fruit that is orange in color).

Directions: After you have a bowl of popped popcorn ready to go, melt a bowl of chocolate chips in the microwave. I tend to stir the chocolate every thirty seconds until it’s just melted. Take the dried fruit and dice into small bites on a cutting board. Being Florida girls we thought the guava was a fun and surprising choice that, thanks to its pumpkin orange color, still fit within the Halloween theme. It can be found at Fresh Market or other specialty food stores, although you can easily substitute the guava for any dried fruit that is orange in color such as apricots and oranges…Or you can change it up entirely with an orange candy if dried fruit isn’t your thing.

Mix the dried fruit pieces into the popcorn bowl. Once mixed, drizzle the mix with the melted chocolate. Be sure to serve it with napkins as this is a treat that will have everyone licking their fingers!

Halloween Popcorn Mix

Now that we have fall nights with a chill in the air, I’m loving cozying up on the couch to watch football or a fun movie. Even Jake seems to love snuggling up at this time of year. This popcorn is perfect for our next family fun night! And I bet it will be a hit with your family too!

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