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How to Give Life to Color Treated Hair

I’m sure you’ve noticed that this girl has color treated hair. My greys started coming in fierce, and oh so strong, after my lil’ lady was born and I’ve been coloring it ever since. At first I just covered up the grey, but in the past couple of years I’ve gotten a little adventurous with my hair and have done everything from full on highlights, to balayage and even the ombre look! And no matter how I decide to color my mane, one thing remains constant. I have to use products that will work best for that color treated hair of mine. I want to keep my color looking its best after all! So, I thought I would share a few of my favorite products for color treated hair today!

colored treated hair products

Zotos Professionals 180Pro Color Remedy Illuminating Drops: While I love sliding a bit of argan oil over my hair to give it a bit of shine and smooth out those pesky split ends that tend to pop up, this product goes a step farther by not only amping up the shine factor, but extending the color too. If you want your color treated tresses to look good and vibrant as long as possible, give these drops a try!

color remedy

Davines Naturaltech Replumping Hair Filler Superactive: Being that I’ve lightened up my hair quite a bit, it can be quite dry and sometimes even limp due to the damage that is done during the lightening process. Thankfully, there are products out there, like this hair filler, that can plump things up and give me back that volume I had before I hit my thirties and all that grey invaded. Haha! Goodbye limp, lackluster roots!

hair filler

Matrix Mineral Grip Definer: There is nothing I like better than showing off my natural texture. Sure, I love a good blowout, but that’s when someone else is doing it for me. Haha! If I’m styling my hair myself, I’m all for letting those breezy waves of mine fly. Plus, my natural texture gives my highlights a more casual vibe. When it’s straight, the color is a bit more intense, but I digress…A texture cream is one of my favorite products to help define waves without stiffness!

matrix mineral grip definer

You may remember this leather jacket and dress look that I shared a couple weeks ago…As you can see, my natural waves are in full effect! And for more beauty inspiration, check out some of our must have Birchbox finds. These products are all SO good, they’re worth snagging the full size bottles!

natural waves

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. It does contain affiliate links.


  1. Rebecca Bryant says

    Great hair tips. I am thinking of coloring my hair so it’s great to get tips for keeping it looking fabulous.

  2. Angela says

    I color my hair regularly to cover my grey, and as I get older the texture of my hair is more coarse. These sound like products that would really help me.

  3. carissa garabedian says

    What great hair you have! Mine has been feeling very dry lately , I have tried a few of the great things from Davines, I try really hard to use products that are good for my hair, I use to buy anything on sale. Now, I will spend a little more to be sure I am taking good care of it.That zotos line looks great too!

  4. Reesa Lewandowski says

    Do you know I am 35 years old and have never color treated my hair? It’s really getting grey now, so it is time. I will keep these in mind!

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