How to Plan Your Next Family Vacation with Vrbo Trip Board

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Summer is officially here, so if you haven’t started planning your family vacation, now is the time. But before you start, stick around for a bit. You see, we’ve partnered with Vrbo to share how to plan your next family vacation with Vrbo Trip Board! I know you already know about Vrbo. It’s the go-to vacation home, condo and cabin helper for so many families. Because if us moms need anything, it’s a good vacation hack. Am I right? Most of us are the vacay czars in our households and it takes a lot of time and effort to plan the perfect family vacation.

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Vrbo Trip Board

Wouldn’t you welcome a tool that could make that process faster and easier? You know this girl would! I have enough on my plate. Any and all mom hacks are welcome over here. Bwah! And the Vrbo app is one of my all time fave mom hacks. It makes it so easy to book and plan your next family vacation. We all want to find the ideal place to stay, we just don’t want it to be hard. Haha! And with the push-notifications you can stay up to date on your Trip Board’s activity in real-time! And have you heard about the new way to say Vrbo? It’s now officially prounced “VER-boh.” This is what the brands’ fans have it called it for years, so the
company decided to officially embrace the pronunciation. I just love it when brands listen to their customers! Don’t you?

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In fact, we’ve decided to use Vrbo Trip Board to help us plan this summer’s getaway. We want to take the whole family back to Myrtle Beach again this summer. The four of us joined my bestie’s family a few years back and my mom and I took my daughter this past fall. I had such a wonderful time on both trips, I decided it would be the perfect family friendly destination for us to visit again this season. Life’s been kind of crazy around these parts and we need a low-key kinda vacay that will allow us all to destress. From what I’ve experienced at Myrtle Beach in the past, stress will be a thing of the past as soon as we hit that boardwalk! Just look my Trip Board at all the great properties I found!

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Tips for Planning Your Family Vacation

And I certainly don’t want the actual planning process to add to our stress load either. That’s why the Vrbo Trip Board has been such an incredible find! With it you can easily save Vrbo properties that strike your interest to custom boards. Then when you’re ready, you can refer back to your top picks to make your final choice of where to stay on your family vacation. And if you’re planning your vacation with more than your immediate family, you can instantly share your boards with your fellow trip goers so you can all vote on your favorites! Did I mention that you can even look for pet friendly properties! I know a certain pup who will be very happy to hear that. Haha! 

vrbo tripboard to help plan your next family vacation

Now let’s talk price. I’m all for indulging when traveling, especially if it’s just the hubs and I. But when we’re talking family travel, I do like to look for the best deals. In swoops Vrbo to the rescue with their Bang for Your Buck Index. It helps find the most cost-effective options with most domestic and international vacation homes costing less than $250 per night. There’s no reason to spend an arm and a leg on your family vacay if you don’t have to!

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More Family Vacation Ideas

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