Things to Do in Ybor City with Kids

If you’re planning a trip to the Tampa Bay area, you’re going to want to pay a visit to Ybor City in this Florida girl’s opinion. And you’re probably going to want some things to do in Ybor City with kids if you’re coming with your family! Ybor City is a historic part of Tampa that is just so quintessential Florida. The palm trees are in excess. The beautiful brick buildings are begging for an Insta moment. And the murals are beyond incredible. Plus, there is plenty to do in Ybor City with kids! Just make sure you take them during the day. That’s my top travel tip for today. Ybor City is definitely an adults only situation in the evening. But head there during the day and you can expect good times to be had by the whole family!

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Ybor City is actually one of our favorite places to visit for Sunday fun day! I’m always reminded of how lucky I am to live in Florida when I spend time there. With all those vibrant colors you’re sure to walk away more cheerful than when you arrived! I bet it will land on your must see list too if you heed my advice! So, whether you’re on vacation or are a fellow Tampa resident who is simply looking for more ways to enjoy our lovely city, this area is a home run. On that note, let’s talk about things to do in Ybor City with kids shall we? My little ones are always down for an Ybor afternoon!

Things to Do in Ybor City with Kids

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Treat yourself to coffee…Hey, why should the kids have all the fun? One of my favorite grown-up treats is a coffee from The Blind Tiger. Whether you’re a cold brew or cortado kinda girl, they have everything a java junkie wants! The hubs and I always caffeinate up before we head over to the arcade, which is my kids’ favorite things to do in Ybor City, but more on that later. Not only are the drinks at The Blind Tiger delicious, but the shop has a super cool vibe.

Every time I go in there I feel like I’m witnessing genius at work. It’s startup central! As a small business owner herself, I thrive on being around that kind of entrepreneurial energy. So, I’m always in a good mood when I leave there. AND the brick wall can’t be beat for photos. I told you I’d deliver on the Insta opps. Bwah! We typically get a couple weak iced teas for the kids and all sit outside together to people watch. The Blind Tiger is at a prime people watching location!

Game Time

game time

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Play some games at the arcade…GameTime was actually where the hubs and I had our first date, so we always get a nice dose of nostalgia when we take the kids there. They’ve redone it since our time, so it’s fully updated and up to snuff for tech snobs like our video game “expert” son. Haha! He is a BIG fan of this particular arcade, so you know it’s good. The four way life sized Pac-Man game, for instance, is a major draw.

Family game time makes him as happy as the coffees shop makes his parents. And that’s saying a lot folks. He also tends to be overly generous with his little sis thanks to the happy vibes the arcade emits. Case in point…He had been saving up his tickets from his last several visits, but when he saw how much his sister wanted a certain teddy bear, he offered up a substantial portion of said hard earned tickets.

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If seeing that kind of sibling bonding isn’t reason enough to spend some time together at the arcade, I don’t know what is. But just in case you need even more inspiration, I bring you yet another iconic photo opp. A classic trolley car runs right past Game Time! How cool is that? It’s a very San Fran vibe. And if you’re feeling frisky, you can hop on the trolley for a nice tour of the neighborhood. You might even catch a glimpse of the famous Ybor City chickens that roam the streets! They’re a fan favorite of the kids too.

The Best Gourmet Ice Pops

the hyppo

they hyppo gourmet ice pops

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Treat the kids to an ice pop…Now after our game time, we always stop for an ice pop at The Hyppo. This gourmet ice pop shop is located in Centro Ybor, which is less than a block down from Game Time. And let me tell you something, these are gourmet ice pops that can’t be beat. You could say they’re the BEST gourmet ice pops around.

And I guess you could also say that they serve as a treat for kids and adults alike. I mean with kid friendly flavors like Straight Up Strawberry and parent friendly flavors like Espresso Horchata, everybody’s happy! And thanks to the beautiful Florida weather, you’ll rarely find a day when it’s simply too cold to consider noshing on an ice pop. I mean it’s always a good day to enjoy the best gourmet ice pops around. Am I right? I’m drooling just thinking about them.

More Family Travel Tips

things to do in ybor city with kids

Now that you’ve seen some of our favorite things to do with kids in Ybor City, check out our take on what to do in Ybor City during the day. The hubs and I love to spend a kid free afternoon there too. Nothing beats a leisurely lunch at The Columbia, hello sangria, but I digress…Make sure you check that article out too! We’re all about the Florida travel.

Well, we’re all about any travel really. Did you happen to catch our Charleston trip recs? Just like Tampa, Charleston is perfect for a girlfriends getaway, a couples weekend or even a family vacation! We can’t wait to plan our next visit! We’ll be sure to share our favorite takeaways as always. And speaking of family vacays, these tips for the top things to do in Myrtle Beach with kids is spot on! I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for fun new places  to take my family!

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