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Frozen Spiked Berry Lemonade Recipe

red frozen drink with lemonade slice garnish in clear glass on top of wood cutting board with strawberries and lemon slices scattered on it and white floral napkin in the background

This summer sure has been one for the books, wouldn’t you say? Like many of you, we’ve been spending the bulk of our time at home. Frozen drinks, like this frozen spiked berry lemonade recipe I’m sharing today, have definitely been on the agenda!

Seriously, we live by the pool, especially now, and I am beyond grateful for our pool…and our blender. Haha!

Nothing tastes better on a hot summer day than an icy concoction. You already know how much I love strawberry lemonade. Well, this frozen lemonade drink is no exception!

Before too long, we will abandon frozen drinks for their warmer counterparts, so now is the time to mix up those cold cocktails!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m beyond excited to welcome fall, but there is still plenty of summer to be had, especially for those of us who live in the sunshine state!

Those super warm temps of ours won’t leave for another few months or so making frozen drinks entirely appropriate for many more weeks to come!

As you can see, I enjoyed them last summer when I was out and about…So, this summer I have to enjoy them at home? I can make that work.

women with long brown hair holding a red frozen drink

The Best Things to Drink in the Summertime

Heck, I may sip a steamy pumpkin spice latte in the morning, because I can’t resist them when they launch even if it is 100 degrees out, and go on to whip up a batch of frozen spiked berry lemonade drinks later in the day.

There is no reason we can’t enjoy the best of both worlds. That’s why we live in Florida. Bwah! Of course, even you Northern chums of mine can partake in frozen drinks even after your weather starts to change.

Think of it as a way to hang onto laidback summer vibes just a wee bit longer. Haha! On that note, are you ready to learn how to make this frozen spiked berry cocktail? It’s super simple! I promise.

I shared the whole recipe at the bottom of this post, so make sure you save it! Because who doesn’t want a new frozen cocktail to try? They are the best things to drink in the summertime after all!

And you can’t go wrong with berry flavored anything in my book. Personally, I love berries in frozen cocktails. I love them in iced cocktails. Frankly, I even love them in plain old lemonade! 

So, this frozen spiked lemonade is definitely right up my alley…

red frozen drink in clear glass with lemon slice on rim, strawberries and lemon slices on wooden cutting board next to white floral napkin

red frozen drink with lemon slice on edge of clear glass on top of wooden cutting board with strawberries and lemon slices and white floral napkin in background

The Best Frozen Berry Cocktail 

Frozen Spiked Berry Lemonade Recipe


  • 2 oz Smirnoff Red, White & Berry Vodka
  • 1 cup ice
  • 1/2 cup lemonade
  • 3-4 fresh strawberries


    Combine ice, vodka, strawberries, and lemonade in your blender. Blend until well combined and the ice is crushed. Pour into your favorite glass and sip away!

More Berry Drink Ideas

And in case you love berry delicious drinks as much as I do, I rounded up a few more berry drink ideas for you…Because it’s been a looooong summer and it’s not quite over yet my friends.

AND something tells me 2020 is going to continue to make its presence KNOWN for a while longer yet. So, you might as well have a few go-to ideas to perk up your mood on deck.

Enjoying a frosty beverage on a beautiful summer day usually does the trick for this girl. Just sayin’! Cheers!

red frozen drink with lemon slice on rim of clear glass on top of wooden cutting board with strawberries, lemon slices and white floral napkin

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