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Black and White Popcorn Recipe and Winter Link Up

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We’re back with another fun ‘Tis the Season link up with Krystal’s Kitsch! This year we’re going to focus on holidays and celebrations of any kind. Head over to Krystal’s site today to find a list of all the upcoming holidays and national days like National Popcorn Day which is my topic of choice today. A delicious popcorn recipe is comin’ at ya!

We often have family movie nights in our house and they’re never complete without popcorn…but eating it the same old way every time gets boring, so I like to try to spice things up. So, for today’s holiday themed recipe, I turned to the classic black and white cookie for inspiration. I just love the combination of chocolate and vanilla on that world famous cookie and I thought similar flavors would be delicious in a popcorn recipe!



1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 cup white chocolate chips
4 cups popped popcorn


1. Pop your popcorn. I actually went the semi-homemade route and used sea salt flavored microwave popcorn (I can’t resist salty and sweet together), but you could certainly make it from scratch and toss it with some sea salt.

2. Add 1/2 cup of the semi-sweet and white chocolate chips to your popcorn and toss.

3. Melt the remaining semi-sweet and white chocolate chips.

4. Spoon your popcorn mixture into individual bowls and drizzle the melted chocolate on top with a fork.

5. Enjoy!

So, now that you’ve seen what “holiday” inspired my popcorn recipe today, I would love to see what you’ve been up to!



Please add your winter themed recipe, craft, DIY etc. post below! Whether it’s winter decor or a Valentine’s Day treat, anything related to winter is welcome!

And don’t forget to visit my partner in crime Krystal! If you’re looking for more inspiration, she has it for you in her all inclusive holiday and national day list!

  • Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    That is such a fun idea. I love the sweet and savory mix.

    January 7, 2015 at 1:06 pm Reply
  • Debbie L.

    This popcorn looks delicious! I pinned to my snack board! This is perfect to take to work for a treat!

    January 7, 2015 at 1:25 pm Reply
  • becca

    Yummy!! I love this twist on Popcorn. It’s like having your popcorn and M&M’s together.

    January 7, 2015 at 1:55 pm Reply
  • jillian

    omggg yes! i am loving popcorn lately and this recipe looks amazing! xo jillian

    January 7, 2015 at 2:41 pm Reply
  • Susan

    Looks delicious and black is slimming, right?

    January 7, 2015 at 3:07 pm Reply
  • Seersucker Sass

    Oooh, this looks so good! Popcorn is my favorite snack, so this is perfect!

    January 7, 2015 at 5:12 pm Reply
  • Pam

    Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks! This looks absolutely delicious.

    January 7, 2015 at 6:21 pm Reply
  • Oh to Be a Muse

    This looks so delish! But what if I just want to eat all the white chocolate chips? Those are so yum. 🙂

    January 7, 2015 at 7:12 pm Reply
  • maria @ closetohome

    white chocolate covered popcorn is a favorite around here. I mix in M&M’s to go with the occasion.

    January 7, 2015 at 7:30 pm Reply
  • Heather

    This look So yummy. Great for a movie night in!

    January 7, 2015 at 8:30 pm Reply
  • Lois Alter Mark

    You have just mixed together some of my favorite things in the world. Drooling!

    January 7, 2015 at 9:45 pm Reply
  • Debbie Denny

    That looks so delish. I bet my grandkids would love this.

    January 7, 2015 at 10:05 pm Reply
  • Debra

    This sound fantastic! A great take on popcorn!

    January 7, 2015 at 10:10 pm Reply
  • Dawn

    I always love chocolate with popcorn! This looks tasty!

    January 7, 2015 at 10:24 pm Reply
  • Stacey- Travel Blogger

    White chocolate sounds great on popcorn! I will most certainly be trying this on my next movie night!

    January 7, 2015 at 10:26 pm Reply
  • Diane Nassy (@philZENdia)

    I’m loving this combination. Looks so yummy. I will have to try this!

    January 7, 2015 at 10:34 pm Reply
  • Michelle F.

    Oh my gosh that looks amazing! I love eating m & m’s with my popcorn when I go to the movies.

    January 7, 2015 at 11:07 pm Reply
  • Heather

    Yum! I had something like this recently at a Christmas party, it was gone in minutes!

    January 7, 2015 at 11:33 pm Reply
  • Michele

    This certainly has my taste buds doing the happy dance just at the thought of eating up an entire bowl all by myself!

    January 8, 2015 at 1:30 am Reply
  • Rosey

    What a fun way to make the popcorn happy. I love finding new ways to spruce up the snacks!

    January 8, 2015 at 5:39 am Reply
  • Christy Hoover

    I was curious as to what would make the popcorn black and white when I read the title… Um. Chocolate of course! Great snack for one of these cold days.

    January 8, 2015 at 8:04 am Reply
  • Ellen C

    What an awesome idea. Movie and popcorn nights are a big hit around our house.

    January 8, 2015 at 8:22 am Reply
  • Janeane Davis

    When I first heard the name of this treat I thought it was crazy. Then when I read the recipe and saw the end product, I thought mmmmmmmmmmm good!

    January 8, 2015 at 8:45 am Reply
  • Annie {Stowed Stuff}

    Oh my. Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks and I’ve never made anything like this before. Heavenly!

    January 8, 2015 at 8:57 am Reply
  • Caitlin

    I’ve never added chocolate chips to my popcorn before! What a fun idea:)

    January 8, 2015 at 2:40 pm Reply
  • Coralie

    This is a great idea. My kids would love to make chocolate covered popcorn. Thanks for sharing!

    January 8, 2015 at 11:41 pm Reply
  • Danielle

    Two of my very favorite treats, chocolate and popcorn. I will definitely be trying this out!

    January 9, 2015 at 6:49 pm Reply
  • Elizabeth Towns

    This is so cool. I have the full knowledge that I would consume the whole bowl by smell alone. Great treat for game day too! Such a simple sweet and salty recipe!

    January 9, 2015 at 10:19 pm Reply
  • krystal

    You did such a good job with this one. I love adding chocolate to my popcorn!

    January 10, 2015 at 11:54 pm Reply
  • Taralyn

    Have to try this! Love the salty and sweet combo!

    January 11, 2015 at 9:37 am Reply
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