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Key West Family Vacation

Two weeks ago I slipped in a family vacation to Key West.  We had some friends in Florida we wanted to visit and going for a few days beforehand, just the three of us, seemed like a great way to squeeze in some family time in what is shaping up to be a very busy summer. I still have a ton of photos to go through, so today I thought I would narrow it down and just share our hotel with you lovelies.

Casa Marina Hotel

Since we don’t have any other vacations planned this year we decided to really go for it and cash in our rewards points for the Casa Marina hotel. It’s a beautiful property and I often think that while having a husband who is on the road a lot can be hard, the reward is using up those hard earned points on awesome vacations.  The Casa Marina did not disappoint.  How gorgeous is this view!?!

Casa Marina Hotel

It’s a historic hotel that is decorated in a traditional Mediterranean style which I just adore.  How awesome are these great doors leading outside?  And right now I am just loving dark wood floors so these were making me pretty darn happy.  Oh and the hotel had really good coffee which I find to be very important, ha.

Casa Marina Hotel

Casa Marina Hotel

We also loved the pool and beach area.  Key West isn’t really known for having large beaches, it’s more of a “watch the sunset with a cocktail in hand” kind of place.  But as this was a family vacation with Jake ,we wanted a hotel that had some beach space for him to play in the sand. This was just enough.

Casa Marina Hotel

Casa Marina Hotel

Casa Marina Hotel

Our little beach bum was thrilled to enjoy some quality time together just relaxing and playing.

Casa Marina Hotel

The thing Key West is most known for is its sunsets.  We decided to check it out first hand from the popular spot, Mallory Square Dock.  Little did I know that this space is filled with street vendors, performance artists and in general just fun shenanigans. We had a blast showing Jake fire breathers, dancers and singers before the gorgeous sunset.

Key West Sunset

Key West SunsetKey West Sunset

And on our walk back we found this gem.  It’s mile zero on the historic US Route 1. Did you know you can take this bad boy all the way to the tip of Maine?! Pretty fun!

Route 1

Key West had way more to offer than sunsets and pool fun though, stay tuned for some great restaurants and shopping later in the week once I sort through, oh about a thousand photos, ha!



  1. krystal says

    Hooray Key West! I love seeing vacation stories from one of my favorite places. 🙂 I love that you mentioned Key West is not known for its beaches. I try to tell that to people and they are like “What?”

    • The BonBon Rose Girls says

      @krystal, I know! It must not be common knowledge but luckily known for many other fab things!

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