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Lightweight Poncho for Spring

Lightweight Poncho for Spring

Spring is here! Ok not really. But since the entire east coast has been experiencing warm temperatures it feels like spring. The trees are confused and budding, and several winter layers have been shed. If you live somewhere with winter weather, than you know that once the parka goes off it is SOOOO hard to put it back on. Even if the temps dip back down, which the inevitably will, my limbs tend to just avoid going back into that heavy parka. Luckily, a lightweight poncho is a great go-to for those in between times. Kristin and I both adore ponchos and this J. Jill lightweight poncho is no exception.

Boho style When I first saw it I mentally started thinking of all the fun ways I could style it. My brain just works that way and I always want to be sure that I can make anything I’m adding into my closet work more ways than one. But my first go with my new J. Jill love is this bohemian vibe. It really works for our current weather that ranges anywhere from 50’s to 70’s.

While I’m always and forever in love with my skinny jeans, I’ve been playing with so many more denim silhouettes lately. These flare jeans are a staple in my closet and are from Target. I really only need one great go-to pair of flare jeans and these have done the trick for two years now. Lucky Brand also has some great flares if you are in need. Don’t you just love how the poncho drapes with it?

Lightweight Poncho Cozy ponchoA classic white tee with a long funky necklace is also a fun way to dress up this lightweight poncho. And of course nothing beats soaking up the rays of afternoon sunlight after months of chilly weather. Bring on the sun!

Love spring in lightweight poncho Daydreaming in my J. Jill Poncho

Having fun with my J. Jill Poncho

More than ever, right now I’m feeling the need for my fashion to be FUN! This look just felt fun and happy on and what can be prettier than that?

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  • Scott

    I wish us guys could get away with wearing a poncho. But it make us look like we’re ready for a siesta…

    February 28, 2017 at 1:16 pm Reply
  • Milena

    I love ponchos. I like this one especially because it doesn’t need to go over your head and ruin your hair!

    February 28, 2017 at 1:34 pm Reply
  • Rebecca Bryant

    What a super cute look. The poncho is really nice especially herein Fl when it gets chilly at night.

    February 28, 2017 at 7:03 pm Reply
  • Ashley

    That is a cute poncho. I would wear it for a rainy day!

    February 28, 2017 at 7:07 pm Reply
  • Stephanie Jeannot

    I wore a poncho the other day and now seeing this makes me realize that spring is almost here. Looking forward to warmer days ahead.

    February 28, 2017 at 9:53 pm Reply
  • Lois Alter Mark

    I haven’t worn a poncho in years but they look so fresh and stylish again! Love the one you’re wearing!

    February 28, 2017 at 10:58 pm Reply
  • Paula Atwell

    I am really liking these drapy styles that have come out in the last few years. They are comfortable and practical.

    February 28, 2017 at 11:00 pm Reply
  • Jasmine

    Love that you added flared jeans! Such a cool retro vibe for the spring that can be dressed up or down!

    March 1, 2017 at 11:07 am Reply

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