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On A Stick! Cookbook Review and Recipe Tests

I was recently given the opportunity to review ‘On A Stick!‘, a cookbook written by awesome fellow blogger Matt Armendariz from ‘On A Stick!’ is a fun way to celebrate all foods that can be served stick style.  Everything from festive party foods to elegant savory cocktail fare, if it can be served on a stick Matt has prepared lovely recipes that will be sure to delight your guests.  And to make this book even better, there are great large photos of every item, so no guessing what the final product is supposed to look like.  I heart that in a cookbook.

Pictured above, as my gorgeous sous chef, is Shelby.  Shelby is Floyd’s daughter who is staying with us this summer from college.  While she is here, she will be helping out with BonBon Rose and Kristin and I are so excited to have her aboard.  Ps – She is also a great hand model!

We decided to test two recipes from ‘On A Stick!’.  First up was Coconut Shrimp with Mango Salsa.  Neither of us had ever fried anything so we were a little out of our element.  However, Matt’s instructions were easy to follow and they turned out golden and crispy. The fresh flavors of the Mango Salsa was the perfect balance and we all agreed that this was a company worthy recipe!

After our dinner of delicious coconut shrimp it was on to the Frozen Bananas Dipped in Chocolate.  This recipe was super easy to prepare, and we added some chopped peanuts and sprinkles for flare.  As a side note, our bananas were pretty huge (please insert “That’s What She Said” joke). In retrospect we would chop them in half and use the popsicle sticks the book recommended, for a better more manageable serving size.  We are still in pure Frozen Chocolate Banana bliss days later, and again this recipe was very easy and can be prepared ahead of time.


And of course we couldn’t leave any chocolate to waste, so we rounded up what was in the pantry and dipped away!

If you are looking for a new approach to entertaining your guests, ‘On A Stick!’ has so many great ideas and we give it two thumbs up!  We can’t wait to try and eat more recipes from it!

Megan Yarmuth


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