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Kid Craft: Pine Cone Birdfeeder

Pine Cone Birdfeeder

We recently adjusted our preschool and work schedules to accommodate a little more home time. It’s been a great shift to have more time with Jake and Max at home all together but we definitely have more time in the day to fill. I’ve been trying to plan a few activities each week that are fun and educational. This pine cone birdfeeder was a total hit and very easy and inexpensive to carry out.

What you’ll need: A pine cone (I grabbed one from the yard), a string or ribbon to hang, some peanut butter (or another type if you have allergy concerns), and inexpensive birdseed.

Birdfeeder SuppliesSprinkling the Birdseed

Pine Cone Birdfeeder Steps:

1. Once we had everything gathered in the yard, I simply took a knife and gave Jake his children’s knife (he uses it to practice at the dinner table and its very dull) and we spread the peanut butter all over the pine cone.

2. Then we liberally sprinkled the birdseed all over the pine cone, letting it stick to the peanut butter.

3. I then used a ribbon to tie around the pine cone and then tied it to a tree branch.

Sprinkling the Birdseed

It actually looks quite charming hanging from the tree and was a good conversation on birds, what they eat and how they live. Jake was then very gung-ho to grab his binoculars and go looking for our feathered friends. We actually haven’t seen as much action on our feeder as I’d hoped but after a little research this seems normal as bird activity can fluctuate in your yard. We actually have a lot of very large birds that feed off the neighbors cat food and its possible that all the great large birds are keeping some our little ones from feeding. Again, another great conversation about nature and a way to get us outdoors in this gorgeous weather.

Pine Cone Birdfeeder

I’ll be sharing more on how we are adjusting to our new schedule and the activities we are taking on to keep us outdoors and learning. Any ideas like this pine cone birdfeeder? Feel free to share! We love new activities!


  1. Colleen says

    I love this activity! We’ve made one a few time before and it’s such an easy, fun thing to do together — especially after it’s been hung and we can watch the birds come by!

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