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7 Tips for Planning the Perfect Pumpkin Patch Trip

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If you are pumpkin patch bound with your family this fall, you might be wondering how to make your trip the best yet. Take a look below at 7 tips for planning the perfect pumpkin patch trip so you can enjoy a trip that is frugal as well as fun. Here is what you need to know to plan the perfect pumpkin patch trip!

1. Visit any social media sites: Check and see if the patch you are visiting has any social media sites such as a website or Facebook page. This can help you know their hours, any special offerings, and you might even be able to print directions or coupons from the site.

2. Check the weather:  Being comfortable is one of the easiest ways to enjoy your pumpkin patch trip. Check the weather and see if you will need a jacket, to layer clothing, or if there has been rain so you know to take boots. Dressing casually is usually best so you can just plan on getting dirty and having fun.

3. Make your list before you go: Make a list as a family prior to going so you know exactly what you need. This would include taking a count of mums you might need, pumpkins, hay, or even apples. Making a list ahead of time can not only help you be prepared but help you stay on budget as well.

4. Develop a buddy system: If taking multiple children, be sure to devise a buddy system so everyone knows to stay together. Go over safety precautions prior to leaving as well as a procedure should anyone get lost. If kids know the procedures ahead of time you are less likely to run into issues.

5. Prepare your devices: Make sure you have plenty of space in your cameras and that your batteries on devices are charged. This way you can easily access directions as well as take lots of pictures when you get there!

6. Clean out the trunk:  You need to have a place to put all of those pumpkins right? Be sure the trunk is cleaned out and you have plenty of space for your purchases. You might also want to toss a blanket in the trunk so you have something to place your items on.

7. Don’t forget the picnic: What could be more fun than a picnic in the pumpkin patch? Pack a simple lunch, drinks, and of course a blanket to sit on. Take easy snacks and disposable materials so you can easily clean up after yourselves and get on with your day!

See how easy it can be to plan the perfect pumpkin patch trip? Give these tips for planning the perfect pumpkin patch trip a try and enjoy the perfect fall outing with your family.


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